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another great Singer sewing machine for sale

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  • Morris Schaefer
    Greetings friends, I m sorry if you get this more than once but want to get the info to as many as possible. My good friend and neighbor is getting out of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Greetings friends,

      I'm sorry if you get this more than once but want to get the info to as many
      as possible. My good friend and neighbor is getting out of the job sewing
      business and is downsizing her shop. She is offering her walking foot
      Singer for sale. I have used this machine and it works great. It is old
      but in good workable condition, ready to go to work. I am putting this on
      the list as a favor to her as she has let me use her shop many times for SCA
      stuff, hence I am familiar with the machine.

      The machine is a Singer model# 111W155, The serial number is W1294770 so
      you can research the date of manufacture from Singer. She is asking $400
      cash. Terms will be arranged but she needs the cash soon, pickup of the
      machine is in Durango, CO. There is no manual but they are offered through
      Singer and I have seen several offered on e-bay.

      This machine is a walking foot type, meaning that the presser foot also
      advances with the feed dogs below. The mechanics are a bit more complex but
      I have first hand experience with this machine. It behaves well with canvas
      such as used in tents, I did make a tent on this machine a couple of years
      ago. It has a control for stitch length and sews a good straight stitch.
      The owner has sewn leather belting such as on feedbags for horses and it
      works well. It will handle heavy thread, she regularly uses size 135 nylon,
      which is very stout.

      The table is included, it has a work light, thread stand for two cones, a
      bobbin winder, a few needles and extra bobbin. The motor runs on 110v,
      regular house current. The motor runs very smooth and quiet. The machine
      is equipped with a safety clutch in case you get into something very hard,
      you will not destroy the machine workings, a great feature.

      I personally have lusted for this machine the past couple of years but I got
      the opportunity to buy a very new/used machine at a much higher price. I
      would recommend this machine to anyone needing something to sew heavy
      fabrics and sew them well. It ought to run for a very long time in the
      future, hence I recommend it to you now.

      I have pictures posted on my webshots site, go to the Singer 111W155 album
      at this address: http://community.webshots.com/user/mtnsounds

      Happy creative sewing,
      Sean, mka Morris

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