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Heralds & Scribes Court Dance Ball Invite, 3/27--entertainers, bards, banners,heraldic items wanted

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  • Barbara Krege
    Greetings one and all!! We hope that you will join us at the Heralds and Scribes Court Dance Ball in al-Barran (Albuquerque, NM) following the Heralds and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2004
      Greetings one and all!!

      We hope that you will join us at the Heralds and Scribes Court Dance
      Ball in al-Barran (Albuquerque, NM) following the Heralds and Scribes
      Symposium on Saturday, March 27, 7-11pm. This is a free event and
      everyone is invited. Please bring your banners, scrolls, scroll books,
      and other heraldic treasures to display at the ball. Below is an
      announcement about the Ball.

      If you would like to entertain between the dance sets and/or participate
      in the bardic that follows the end of the ball, please contact me, Lady
      Barbara, at krege@... I will be off-line (not have computer
      access) from Friday, 3/19, noon to Wednesday morning, 3/24 (alsoWed,
      3/24 at 10 am till Monday, 3/29). I can also be reached at home at

      Please feel free to forward this announcement to other lists in the

      Yours in service to the dream,
      Lady Barbara

      Heralds & Scribes Court Dance Ball
      College of Blaiddwyn
      Student Union Building, Ballroom C, University of New Mexico
      Saturday, March 27, XXXVIII (2004)
      Site opens at 7 PM and closes at 11PM
      No site fee and the site is dry

      Come Heralds and Scribes, come one and all, to the Heralds and Scribes
      Court Dance Ball! The college of Blaiddwyn is sponsoring this free
      ball. There will be lots of dancing to the beautiful music by the
      musicians of Scorpion Scales and a Bardic to end the evening. We will
      have entertainment to delight you and tables for playing board games and
      to sit around visiting with friends. Please bring your banners,
      heraldic art, and scrolls to display and wear your heraldic garb. We
      invite new heralds to participate in heralding the dances and the
      entertainment. If you would like to entertain at this ball, before the
      ball begins and between the dance sets, or if you wish to herald at the
      ball, please contact Lady Barbara. We are delighted that Mistress
      Arwen Southernwood and THL Guillaume de Gonzac, the Dance Mistress and
      Dance Master of Caerthe and Master Alwen, the Dance Master of
      Dragonsspine, will be among those leading the dancing at this ball. The
      College of Blaiddwyn, Scorpion Scales, and the al-Barran Court Dancers
      look forward to your joining us and making merry. For more information,
      go to the Heralds & Scribes Court Dance Ball website,
      www.unm.edu/~mariasol/h&s/ball.html. Co-autocrats: Lady Barbara
      (Barbara Krege), krege@..., 505-293-7453 and Lord Gauvain Eisenbein
      (Jeff King), gauvain_eisenbein@..., 385-4110.

      Directions: Take I-25 south past the Big I to the Central Street exit,
      #224. Turn left onto Central and go about one mile to the light at
      Stanford Drive. Turn left onto the UNM campus and go to the stop sign
      at Redondo Road. The Student Union Building (SUB) is behind (to the
      north of ) Popejoy Hall, just to your left. For a map of the UNM
      campus, go to www.unm.edu/campusmap.pdf
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