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resending --Re: [al-Barran] Atenveldt A&S, Court Dance Classes, A pril 3 & 4, Sierra Vista, Az

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  • Barbara Krege
    Barbara Krege wrote: I am forwarding for those of you who love court dancing, an excellent list of classes in Sierra Vista, Az. for the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1904

      Barbara Krege wrote:

      I am forwarding for those of you who love court dancing, an excellent list of classes in Sierra Vista, Az. for the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S event.

      Yours in service to the dream,

      Lady Barbara, al-Barran, Outlands

      (Barbara Krege, krege@...)

      kirstenng wrote:

       Hi all...

      As promised, here's the provisional schedule (bearing in mind that I
      don't actually know what timeframe they're going to let me work in).
      I'm running with the assumption that we're going to start classes
      around 9am, with a lunch break at noon. If this changes, I'll make
      corrections accordingly (and let y'all know). As a reminder, the
      event is the first weekend in April (3-4) in Sierra Vista (Barony-
      March of Mons Tonitrus).

      9am - Introduction to Western European Dance. A general overview of
      what we know about Western European dance. Designed to give the
      student an idea of dance styles and forms which may further interest

      10am - Beginning 15th Century Italian Dance. An introductory class
      to the styles and footwork of 15th century Italian dance. Will
      include Amoroso, Petit Vriens and Rostiboli Gioioso. (taught by

      11am - Intermediate 15th Century Italian Dance. A continuation of
      study from the beginning class. We will look a little more in-depth
      at other types of 15th century Italian dance.

      1pm - 16th Century French Dance - Arbeau. A look at the dances found
      in Arbeau - bransles, pavanes and so on. (taught by Katheline)

      2pm - Beginning 16th Century Italian Dance. An introductory class on
      the slightly more complex dances of 16th century Italy. The student
      will be introduced to some new dance forms and some new steps. We
      will be looking primarily at the dances of Fabritio Caroso.

      3pm - Intermediate 16th Century Italian Dance. A continuation of the
      beginning class, this session will take a look at Cesare Negri,
      Caroso's partner-in-crime.

      4pm - The Old Measures. England had dance in the 16th century too!
      This class will introduce the student to the series of dances taught
      in and around the Inns of Court and other great London institutions
      of learning. (taught by Katheline)

      9am - Burgundian Bassedanse. The 15th century in Burgundy saw the
      emergence of a particularly "logical" form of processional dance.
      Students in this class will learn the formula of bassedanse, as well
      as how to perform them.

      10am - English Country Dance. Grandfathered in, the dances of this
      class are first noted in 1651. However, they are among the most
      popular dances done in the SCA and include such favorites as Hearts
      Ease, Rufty Tufty and Upon a Summer's Day. [NOTE: dances mentioned
      here are not necessarily those that have to be taught.]

      11am - Dance Reconstruction. You've seen the dances, now come try
      your hand and putting them together yourself! A dance from a period
      source will be chosen, and class participants will learn the process
      of reconstruction by working it out for themselves. If the dance
      chosen is from a foreign repertoire, the class shall be provided
      English translations to work from.

      1pm - Galliards. Galliards were one of the most popular dance styles
      of the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth scandalized Europe by dancing
      them with Robert Dudley. Her father, Henry VIII, was enamoured of
      the style, as it allowed him to show off his machismo (and his
      rather shapely legs!). In this class, students will be introduced to
      the basics of galliards. It's all improvisation - you can't get it

      2pm - Dance Etiquette, Improvisation and Ornamentation. Dance isn't
      just about the choreographies. A large part of Western European
      dance was improvisational - even in the midst of carefully-
      constructed choreographies! In this class, we will have a gander at
      the various forms of ornamentation available to a dancer and learn
      how to flesh out a dance performance. We will also look at manner
      and mannerisms as related to the successful  performance of period
      dance in a period style. (somehow I'm thinking I'm going to get
      stuck with this one, regardless :)

      3pm - Dance Class Redux. These two hours will be a walk-in session
      where any dance-related questions will, hopefully, be answered. It
      is intended that anyone who is interested in dance and/or wishes
      further help towards an Estrella entry will use this session to pick
      the brains of the attending dance instructors. Participants are not
      required to attend for the entire two hours. [NOTE: I am not looking
      for instructors for this session. However, I would ask that anyone
      teaching appear for this if possible, just to give any student who
      does show up a wider range of brains to draw from. :) ]

      And there ya go. Let the mad rush to teach classes begin! ;) Oh, and
      if I've missed something, or y'all have schedule suggestions, I'd
      love to hear those as well. :)



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