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Estrella Dance Classes Schedule for Saturday 2/14/04

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  • Barbara Krege
    I am forwarding from the Atendance list, the court dance classes schedule for Estrella Wars in Phoenix, Az. Classes will only be on Saturday 2/14/04 and
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      I am forwarding from the Atendance list, the court dance classes schedule for Estrella Wars in Phoenix, Az.  Classes will only be on Saturday 2/14/04 and several of those will be discussion classes.

      Yours in service to the dream,

      Lady Barbara, al-Barran, Outlands

      kirstenng wrote:


      For the intensely curious, here's the dance class schedule for
      Estrella. All the classes will be on Saturday, just cuz it's easier,
      and gives us a lovely opportunity to annoy the A&S competition
      judges. ;)

      10am - Dance & Society in the Renaissance. Dance was a very
      important part of Renaissance society. It defined a courtier and
      could lead to political advancement. It could also cause a person to
      be scorned and ridiculed. Come join us for a look at dance as
      theatre, society and politics in the 15th and 16th centuries. Taught
      by Meistres Julian ferch Rhys.

      11am - Beginning English Country Dance. Heart's Ease, Rufty Tufty,
      and other two-couple dances. Taught by Sasha Keyel.

      12 noon - Myths & Misconceptions in SCA Dance. Many people believe
      that the way we dance in the SCA is "The One True Way", completely
      correct for our period. In this class, we'll look at the difference
      and similarities between dance then and now. Be ready for some
      surprises! Taught by Meistres Julian ferch Rhys.

      1pm - Intermediate English Country Dance: Argeers. An in-depth look
      at "Argeers"; or, "Playford on Acid". A previous knowledge of the
      steps in English Country Dance will be useful, but is not required.
      Taught by Sasha Keyel.

      2pm - Anyone Can Boogie: The Basic Dances. This class will cover
      many of the basic Western European Court dances that you regularly
      see at Balls and events.  You don't have to have any dance
      experience to learn these dances and after this class you'll be able
      to boogie with the best of them. Taught by Lady Katheline van Weye.
      (2 hours)

      4pm - Dancers' Moot. A get-together for anyone interested in dance.
      We'll be answering questions, trying new reconstructions, and just
      generally exchanging dance information of all kinds!

      I've just spoken to someone who found out they were coming and wants
      to teach. I'm checking into whether we can get their classes into
      the schedule at this point, so there might be some additions to the
      schedule at a later date.

      Thanks to the teachers, and, by the way, these are the class
      descriptions which will be appearing in the gatebook. :)


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