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I am forwarding this dance survey from the SCA dance list, Lady Barbara, al-Barran-Re: [SCA-Dance] Final dance tune survey - until 3-31-03

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  • Barbara Krege
    I am forwarding this dance survey from the SCA dance list and the music group, Musica Subterranea. Yours in service to the dream, Lady Barbara, al-Barran
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2003
      I am forwarding this dance survey from the SCA dance list and the music group, Musica

      Yours in service to the dream, Lady Barbara, al-Barran

      "Lara Coutinho aka.Sophia" wrote:

      > Greetings dancers!
      > Remember participating in the survey I posted about SCA dance tunes and
      > which 21 tunes people most wanted to see published in new versions on
      > one new CD?
      > I thank you most sincerely for participating, and I have some results
      > to share with you. I compiled your survey responses into raw data that
      > gave me a ranking of all the 74 (or so) tunes on the request list.
      > Given that there were a lot of personal comments for many of these
      > tunes that gave weight to individual tunes, I evaluated each tune
      > individually. The issues that went into each tune's evaluation
      > includes but is not limited to the following:
      > --Personal comments from the survey
      > --The experience level of the people making those comments
      > --The ease of availability of the recordings for each tune
      > --The quality of currently available recordings
      > --The value of the tune in the Big Picture of SCA dance education
      > --If another SCA dance band (that I knew of) had recorded the tune or
      > planned to soon record it
      > --If someone made a particularly good argument for a tune
      > I culled the list down to 35 tunes. We have room for 21-23, depending
      > on the length of individual tunes. Some have already been recorded
      > based on some really emphatic survey replies and some artistic whims on
      > our part.
      > Instead of posting those 35 tunes here, I will tempt you by posting the
      > list within a final survey. I've posted a survey that will help us
      > prioritize this list of 35 at the link below. You can see the
      > semi-final list there and see results of the survey (so far)
      > immediately after submitting your survey. It's just one page and
      > should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.
      > Here's the link to the Final Priority Survey:
      > https://gnetsvy.ngb.army.mil/SurveyFolder/INARNG%21SCA%20POLL.poll.html
      > And here's the link to the previous survey in case you want to make an
      > emphatic argument for a tune that didn't make the semi-final 35:
      > https://gnetsvy.ngb.army.mil/SurveyFolder/INARNG%21Training%20Sample%20Poll.poll.html
      > Please be sure to copy and paste the *entire* link - it's long.
      > *These will only be available online until MARCH 31!*
      > Lastly, I am including some "introduction text" below for SCA dancers
      > who may be unfamiliar with this project. I didn't want to bore the
      > rest of you with the same story again. If you choose to FWD this email
      > to another list or person who may be able to contribute a beneficial
      > point of view, please include the text below. The survey won't make
      > sense without it.
      > Many thanks to each of you. You are helping serve the entire SCA dance
      > community with your participation. I sincerely appreciate your time!
      > Yours,
      > Sophia the Orange (orange@...)
      > Producer, Musica Subterranea
      > www.musicasub.org
      > Medieval Dances match up with music recordings on various CDs, in
      > general, but Medieval Dance Teachers often need to spend great amounts
      > of energy and money collecting enough CDs to provide all the music
      > needed for SCA dance students. These CDs can also be hard to find,
      > possibly out of print, or they may contain very few useable tracks.
      > To remedy this problem, Musica Subterranea has been publishing CDs that
      > are collections of SCA dance music. We research what tunes are most
      > needed in the SCA dance community, arrange sheet music from period
      > sources, and produce copyright clean CDs of 21 dance tunes each. This
      > has helped experience dance teachers by providing new music for some
      > dances that previously only had poor quality recordings to dance to,
      > and this has helped new dance teachers by making it easier to collect
      > the music necessary to practice this art.
      > We are nearing completion of our third CD which has collected many
      > dance tunes together onto one CD that otherwise would be spread out
      > over many, sometimes hard to find, CDs. There is, however, limited
      > space on the actual CD (74 minutes) and there are other limited
      > resources in the long term life of this recording process. Therefore,
      > prioritizing the tunes that can be recorded on this next CD is
      > extremely important if we are to serve the SCA dance community to the
      > best of our abilities. To that end, I am asking the SCA dance
      > community to help Musica Subterranea establish a final priority list
      > for the tunes available for us to record. We will not be able to
      > record everything we want to with the resources currently available to
      > us, so we will record the most needed tunes as long as we can identify
      > which ones they are.
      > My research up to this point has produced the following list of high
      > priority tunes. Justification for calling these "high priority"
      > include but are not limited to the following: popular dance with only
      > poor quality recordings available, newly reconstructed dance with no
      > accompanying tune, popular dance with incorrect or inauthentic music
      > recordings in circulation, popular dance whose only recording is on a
      > hard-to-find CD.
      > Please rate each tune's priority as High, Medium, or Low. The question
      > to ask yourself for each tune is "How high a priority is it to get a
      > new recording of this tune into the hands of SCA dancers via means of a
      > collection CD?" Please consider that some tunes may be of interest to
      > a very small group of people who won't mind at all digging up the
      > currently available recordings. Some of those tunes can be helpful to
      > larger groups of people, some not. All your comments are welcome, and
      > there will be space at the end for you to type them in for submission.
      > =====
      > Always reply to "orange@..." even if you get this message from "orangesophie@..."
      > Thanks so much! --Sophie/Lara
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