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Re: A list of dances created at Estrella, Lady Barbara--Re: [OutlandsDance] Dances everyone should know

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  • Sheila McClune
    Well, I was going to comment on the list, but Guillaume already said most of what I wanted to say. . However, I think you picked some great people to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 20, 2003
      Well, I was going to comment on the list, but Guillaume already said
      most of what I wanted to say. <pout>.

      However, I think you picked some great people to talk with, and I really
      liked their list. It's a really great idea to coordinate with our
      neighboring kingdoms, since there is the possibility that we might visit
      them, or they might come here, and it would be nice if we knew at least
      some of the same dances.

      > > 1. *Petite Vriens (everyone likes)
      > > 2. *Amoroso (slow and flirty)
      > > 3. Belle Qui Pavan (aka Carolingian Pavan)
      > > 4. Ruffty Tuffty
      > > 5. Hearts Ease
      > > 6. Official Bransle
      > > 7. Black Alman
      > > 8. Madam Cecilia Alman or Lorraine Alman
      > > 9. Ballo del Fiore
      > > 10. Upon a Summer's Day
      > > 11. Pinwheel (okay--their comment) (I like it)
      > > 12. Gathering Peasecods
      > > 13. Jenny Pluck Pears
      > > 14. Rusti Boli Joyeoso (spelling?) (a good one for those interested in dance)
      > > 15. Gelosia
      > > 16. Lauro (bassa) or casulle la Nouvelle (bassa)
      > > 17. Anello (Italian) (means ring)

      We haven't done Madam Sosilia's Alman here, because it's a "hugging"
      dance, and some of our people are a bit shy. (Well, that, and we tend
      to get more women than men, and while we don't *mind* hugging each other
      ... it's just not the same.) I suspect that this dance would do well in
      the college groups, though.

      I entered Rostiboli (with Guillaume as my partner) in Kingdom A&S this
      last time around. It's one of my favorites.

      Actually, most of the dances you list are on my list of favorites -- I'm
      not sure how we could narrow it down to just 12. Maybe 15? We could
      drop Anello (which is fun, but not as much fun as Amoroso or Gelosia)
      and Madam Sosilia/Lorraine (those are easy enough to be taught quickly
      at an event, anyway).

      Oh, and I agree with Guillaume, in that us older, more sedentary dancers
      aren't as enthusiastic about Branle Official as the younger folk. I
      like Washerwoman's Branle -- especially the part where you get to scold
      your partner. <grin>

      > > ... My hopes are 1) that they be
      > > fun to dance,

      I'm all for that! One of the problems we're running into, I think, is
      that people have this misconception that period dances can't be fun.
      These dances are all great fun, and people just need to give them a

      > > and 2) that the music needed for these dances be on just 2 or 3 cds,
      > > so as to keep the cost down for anyone starting to teach these dances in the
      > > Outlands.
      > A good point. There are some very inexpensive SCA cds available, so we could
      > tap these. In fact, some of the SCA recordings are freely available for SCA
      > use, so I can look into making a compilation cd. Off the top of my head, I
      > don't know how these fit with the lists we've been looking at, but it sounds
      > like a good place to start.

      Yes ... I think most of them are available at Eric Praetzel's website.
      I'll check tomorrow, on my lunch hour, and report back.

      > > Also, how are we going to have the dance instructions for each dance
      > > available--my suggestion would be a website where they could download each of the
      > > 12 dances.
      > That sounds like an excellent idea. Arwen and I have a web site, and have a
      > dance manual in the works. Perhaps we can get some of the dances on-line. I
      > can also ask the Kingdom Web minister about space, or at least links, on the
      > kingdom web site.

      Yes, the Kingdom Webminister has offered us space for other projects, so
      I'd think there'd be room for this one, too. I currently have the
      ability to turn any Word file into a PDF, so if we'd like to do it that
      way, we could.

      I think having the instructions out there so that anyone in the kingdom
      can access them is an excellent idea!

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