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Forwarding this from AtenDance list, Lady Barbara--Re: [AtenDance] Estrella schedule at the moment

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  • Barbara Krege
    This is the latest posting of court dance classes at Estrella War. Yours in service to the dream, Lady Barbara (al-Barran) ... ADVERTISEMENT [HGTV Dream Home
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2003
      This is the latest posting  of court dance classes at Estrella War.
      Yours in service to the dream, Lady Barbara  (al-Barran)

      "kirstenng  " wrote:

       Hi all...

      Just in case anyone is curious, here's the current Estrella War
      schedule for dance as it stands at the moment. :)

      Track I
      10-11am - Intermediate ECD (need instructor, or I'll take it :)
      12noon-1pm - Flirting Dances (Mistress Gwendolen)
      1-2pm - Three Late Period Dances (me - don't ask, I don't know what
      I'm teaching yet either! :)

      Track II
      2-3pm - How to be a Good Dancer - me

      Track I
      10am-12noon - Advanced ECD (Lady Kathryne)
      12noon-1pm - Easy 16th century Italian (Lady Seonaid - Calontir)
      3-4pm - The Old Measures (Lady Seonaid)

      Track II
      1-3pm - Dance People's Moot (general meeting/chat)
      3-4pm - How to Lead, How to Follow (Lord Ryan)
      4-5pm - Court Spectacles & Early Ballet (Lord Dughall)

      Track I
      9-10am - Walking Through Time (almans and bransles - Lord Dughall)
      10-11am - Beginning ECD (possibly Mistress Elaine)
      11am-12noon - From the Source's Mouth: Argeers (Lord Dughall)
      12noon-1pm - Beginning Italian (Lady Seonaid)
      1-2pm - From the Source's Mouth: Amoroso (Lord Dughall)
      2-3pm - OOP Favourites (Lady Kathryne)
      3-5pm - Circle the Dancers: Playford's Round Dances (Lord Dughall)

      Track II
      10-11am - Survey of Early Dance Sources (Lord Dughall)
      12noon-12:30 - Bowing without Scraping (Lord Dughall)
      12:30-1pm - Evolution of Footwork (Lord Dughall)
      2-3pm - Reading the Past (Lord Dughall)
      3-4pm - Intermediate Italian (Lady Seonaid)

      Track I
      10am-12noon - And Cast, Cast, Cast, Cast (Lady Kathryne)

      Track II
      12noon-1pm - Dancers' Answers (Q&A session - Lord Dughall and me)

      Anyway, that's how it stands at the moment. If anyone else wants to
      teach, let me know! :) I'm happily accepting any and all requests.

      Katherine (of Cate Hall), I've still got your Basic Bransles class
      waiting for a time - when would you like me to schedule you? :)


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