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Re: Known World Dance

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    ... Yes indeedy. ... Thanx... Bera
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 1999
      > P.S. - Do you have one of those rooftop luggage shell things?
      > <<<
      > We don't yet, but there may be one in our near future ...
      > Since the event starts on Friday, we're planning to leave Thursday morning
      > and come back on Monday. Can you get those days off work?
      Yes indeedy.

      > I also forgot to add -- here is the URL for the KWDS web page, which
      > includes the info I posted here, plus a tentative class list. An actual
      > class schedule is promised sometime in the indefinite future ...
      > http://members.xoom.com/KWDS/

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