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RE: [OutlandsDance] Dances for Kids

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  • skmcclune
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2002
      --- In OutlandsDance@y..., Barbara Krege <krege@a...> wrote:
      > I finally have access again to a computer, after the summer.

      Yay!!! Welcome back!!!

      > I'm at work, but will give thought as to specific dances and my
      > with different children at different ages this weekend and respond
      > soon.

      I look forward to your response.

      We have always included any children who are interested in the
      dancing, but we haven't had one attending practice regularly in some
      time. There was a young lady (age around 12-14?) who participated in
      the entire Caroso workshop in June and did very well.

      One of the things that makes the upcoming class a little different,
      however, is that the children will be dancing with other children,
      most of whom also do not know the dances.

      This is important for two reasons. One is that, as we've noticed (and
      I'm sure you have, too), it's much easier to teach a person to do a
      dance when everyone else already knows the steps. The other people in
      the set can help pull the new dancer through, and there's someone to
      watch when you don't remember what comes next. (We've see very
      experienced historical dance teachers have difficulty teaching groups
      of science fiction fans, for example ...)

      The other difference is that any given kid will behave differently
      when they are the only kid (or one of a few kids) in a group that is
      mostly adults, than when they are one of a group of other kids. When
      they're with other kids, they might be more easily distracted -- or,
      as I've also seen, they might also compete to see who can learn the
      new thing fastest/best.

      But then, you've got more experience with kids than I do ... what do
      you find?

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