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Re: [OutlandsDance] Dances for Kids

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  • Keith McClune
    Hi there: Since I ve already done some work on this, I m going to jump ahead to some specifics. I m still looking for ideas for guidelines, but I thought I d
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2002
      Hi there:

      Since I've already done some work on this, I'm going to jump ahead to
      some specifics. I'm still looking for ideas for guidelines, but I
      thought I'd share what I've got so far.

      skmcclune wrote:
      > ... discussing the subject of good period dances for children.

      I would add a short curriculum to accommodate shorter attention spans -
      perhaps a maximum of three dances. These might be very different, to
      reduce confusion (i.e. avoid doing just circle dances or just 6 person

      I while back, I made a list of easy dances that I thought would make a
      good pool for introductory classes. My intention was to work up
      handouts that I could keep on hand for "no prior experience needed"
      classes or demos. I excluded trivially easy dances such as the
      double/single/gay/Burgundian branles and the easiest Old Measures
      because they aren't interesting (unless you bundle them together, which
      is a different class).

      Reviewing the guidelines discussed so far, these may not all be suitable
      for first time kids (that's OK, this pool serves adults, too). A
      majority require partners (as most dances do), but some do not, and
      others may still appeal to children (e.g. Petit Riens or Washerwomen's
      Branle). Some special steps are needed, but not many, and they are
      still easy. We probably want to select for a limited set, however, so
      as not to have several varieties of doubles, for instance. These dances
      have short or repetitive patterns, and I think they are all fun
      (although some might not work so well for kids).

      This is my list of introductory dances, updated after the Caroso Dance

      Casulle la Novelle (long pattern needs to be called)
      Amoroso (partner dance)
      Petite Vriens (skipping dance, partners not critical)
      Carolingian Pavan (Belle Qui Tienne Ma Vie) (partner dance)
      Branle D'Escosse (Scott's) (easy circle dance)
      Branle Des Lavandieres (Washerwoman's) (amusing partner dance)
      Branle Des Pois (Peas) (hopping dance, but partners)
      Branle de la Montarde (kicking dance, no partners)
      Lorayne Alman (partner dance, and chow chow chow for kids?)
      The Queen's Alman (partner dance)
      Candlestick Branle (mixer - probably not for kids)
      Una Pavana from Pavana Methei (partner dance)
      Due cacce from La Caccia d'Amore (partner dance games)
      Jenny Pluck Pears (partner dance)
      Rufty Tufty (one of the easiest ECDs)
      Upon A Summer's Day (another easy ECD)

      So, for children or kids of diverse ages, I'm thinking a good
      introductory dance pool would be:

      Petite Riens
      Branle D'Escosse
      Branle Des Lavandieres
      Branle de la Montarde
      Rufty Tufty
      Una caccia da farsi in Routa (the pinwheel game)
      Upon A Summer's Day
      plus the double and/or single branle as a tangle line dance, which kids
      usually like.

      For demos or introductory classes, pick three (but only one branle
      and/or one ECD). Any other suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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