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Fwd: Caer Galen Dance Practice Begins

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  • Sheila McClune
    ... Subject: [sca-caerthescolaliaison] Caer Galen Dance Practice begins Monday, August 26th! Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 16:21:41 -0600 From: Doug Bates
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2002
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      Subject: [sca-caerthescolaliaison] Caer Galen Dance Practice begins
      Monday, August 26th!
      Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 16:21:41 -0600
      From: "Doug Bates" <dcbates.lists@...>
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      The fair Shire of Caer Galen invites one and all to join in an evening
      of Courtly and Country Dance. Baroness Franschesca and myself will
      guide us through the steps for many of the more common and playful
      dances often enjoyed at our events. We will initially focus on some of
      the English County Dances described by John Playford in the 1600s.

      Dances and music range from stately and reverent progressions to
      jubilant frolicking. We'll aim to keep dances simple enough we all can
      enjoy and play with them, yet challenging enough to keep you "on your
      toes". No prior experience is required. Our goal is to have fun!

      Dance Practice will be held on various Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm on
      the CU-Boulder campus. We'll meet in Economics room 117, located on the
      far west end of campus along Broadway & College Ave. Allow some time to
      find parking either on the Hill (which can be tough) or with the paid
      parking on Euclid Avenue ($3 for 2 hours I believe). Medieval attire is
      encouraged but not required and guests are always welcome.

      Directions: Take Highway 36 to Boulder, exit west onto Baseline, Turn
      right and head north at Broadway. You'll see the campus on your right.
      Paid parking will be to your right at Euclid Avenue and College Avenue /
      "the hill" to your left. The economics building is located just north
      of the walkway which goes under Broadway at College.

      This first practice (the 26th) will also serve as a Newcomer's Welcome
      Revel. As such, we may have some pizza left over from our earlier
      meeting and would welcome bringing basic potluck snacks for everyone to
      enjoy. Easy to eat finger foods tend to work best so we can grab a
      quick bite between dances. :)

      Anyone needing more information, rides, or crash space to ease a long
      journey, may contact me anytime at my mobile numbers below.

      **bowing reverently**

      PS: Sorry for cross-posting this message.

      Dougal (Doug Bates)
      [The long-haired red-headed guy with glasses who looks forward to
      dancing with ya]
      ICQ# 13514005 AIM/Y!: AquaeAtrae
      720-937-DOUG or 719-232-DOUG


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