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Fwd: Silver Pass update/new site info

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  • Morris Schaefer
    Greetings everyone, sorry this looks like spam, its less filling tastes great. I told my people that I would cont you on this list so here goes. If this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      Greetings everyone,

      sorry this looks like spam, its less filling tastes great. I told my people
      that I would cont you on this list so here goes. If this redundant, pass it
      on to someone who isn't on line, like the fighters at practice, the archers
      on the line, your populace at large. The change of venue is going to be to
      pretty site, some restrictions such a sparking and keeping food in your car,
      not your tent, etc. WE can live with them, it will be a lot more fun that
      staying home for the weekend.

      Hope to see everyone there,
      Lord Sean MacLeod

      >New and most updated Silver Pass VII information
      >Incipient shire of Rio de las Animas Perdidas
      >August 30 � September 2, AS XXXVII (2002) 12-noon open and 12-noon close
      >Chris Park National Forest Campground
      >41000 US Hwy 550 N, Durango CO
      >Fees: $12 per adult, $6 per child, $15 per merchant
      >The site is wet; Forest Service rules apply.
      >NO open fires, no charcoal grills, no tiki torches, and no candles
      >Gas or propane stoves and lanterns are ok
      >Limited water, food must be kept in cars or bear proof containers!
      >Autocrat/blameocrat: Lord Sean MacLeod (Morris Schaefer), 4334 CR 124,
      >Hesperus, CO 81326, 970-259-3319, MTNSOUNDS@...
      >Merchant Coordinator: Baroness Adriana of Riverhold (Adrian Bernhardt), 72
      >River Road, Durango, CO 81301, 970-247-2740, Adriana.Riverhold@...
      >Directions: From the South, East, or West, make your best way to Durango,
      >CO. Go north on Main Street (US Hwy 550) to the stoplight at 32nd Street;
      >mileage is measured from this intersection. Go 16.7 miles north on US Hwy
      >550. At the National Forest sign for �Haviland Lake / Chris Park� turn
      >right (east). Cross the cattle guard and go 0.3 miles. Turn right and go
      >1.0 mile and enter the Middle Ages. From the North: On US Hwy 550, go 6.8
      >miles south from the entrance to Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory). At
      >the National Forest sign for �Haviland Lake / Chris Park� turn left (east).
      > Same as above from �Cross the cattle guard�.
      >This is an urgent message about the major site change for this event!
      >Due to fire danger the original site is unavailable and we have secured
      >this wonderful group campground. We have the whole camp to ourselves to
      >recreate the middle ages, we invite you to come help us play one last time
      >before winter sets in. Since this is Forest land, we have to park in the
      >parking lots. Bring a wagon or cart to move your gear; some loaners will
      >be available. Parking is tight; carpool if you can. The campground is
      >situated at 7800� elevation, nights will be cool, bring warm garb. Food
      >must be stored in a bear proof container or in your car, it is a $5000 fine
      >if you have a bear incident.
      >We will chose a shire defender from the rapier fighters, a Defender of the
      >Silver Pass from the heavies, an archery and thrown weapons champion. For
      >all others we will have contests that anyone can enter. We have an A&S
      >contest to be judged by Outlands A&S standards, brewing, best desert,
      >drumming/dancing, and not one but 2 bardics. Rio is hosting the southern
      >prelims for the new kingdom level Windover Bard position, finals to be held
      >at Crown Tourney. We will also have a populace competition to determine
      >our shire bard.
      >Our shire is sorry for the late notice but we have no control of the
      >weather; we ask for your help to spread the word. Please pass the new site
      >information to everyone you know; we want all gentles to find us on the
      >first try, feel free to publish this notice on any group newsletter or

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