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Re: [OutlandsDance] Masked Ball

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  • Morris Schaefer
    ILn no particlar order these are the dances I remember, of course I have slept since then so I might have forgotten something. *Hole-in-the-Wall with much
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 21, 2001
      ILn no particlar order these are the dances I remember, of course I have
      slept since then so I might have forgotten something.
      *Hole-in-the-Wall with much poaching
      *Gathering Peasecods with a huge circle just for fun
      *Well Hall
      *Circle Waltz
      *Strip the Willow
      *Official Branle, aka Toss the Wench

      There must have been others but I'm at a loss, anyone there could help me at
      this point. We did repeat sovoral as the dancers called for more when the
      music stopped, of course Gathering Peascods with about 30 couples is a hoot,
      try to get around a circle that big in 12 beats.
      Ld. Sean MacLeod

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      >So what dances were done (I'm always curious)?
      >I've posted the names of the dances we did at the last two Caerthen events
      >on the Caerthen Dance Practice web page:
      >Our playlist is also out there, and some event pictures (in addition to our
      >practice schedule).
      >K / G S:}>
      >Morris Schaefer wrote:
      > >
      > > Greetings to all on this list and to Lady Barbara;
      > >
      > > I want to thank the al-Barranians for thier hospitality and for the
      > > wonderful event they hosted last weekend. We had a great time learning
      > > few new dances, at leat new to me, and practicing some we were familiar
      > > with. Then we had a masked ball, loads of fun. Feasting and dancing,
      > > else needs to happen? I was happy to find some dances I knew way back
      > > the modern dark ages were being danced in al-Barran. The day was also
      > > to get acquainted with some old players, new members at thier fist event
      > > just meet new friends again. Thanks also to the crash spece at
      > > house, Gwladyse and I wished we could have stayed around for T4T but a
      > > seneschals duties call at home. For those in al-Barran who knew I hd to
      > > attend the symphony, they did a fantastic job with thier guest
      > > conductor/hopefully new fultime conductor. No such thing as too much
      > > in a weekend, now back to those tapes.
      > > Ld. Sean MacLoed

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