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Re: Barbara's questions/Guillaume's introduction

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Hi there: I consider this a public forum, so anything I post here you may certainly forward to others unless I specifically request otherwise. I can t even
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 18, 2001
      Hi there:

      I consider this a public forum, so anything I post here you may
      certainly forward to others unless I specifically request otherwise. I
      can't even think of an occasion when it would be a problem unless it
      were early in event planning (when things might change dramatically) or
      maybe if we were planning a presentation that should be a surprise.
      This will usually be true of direct correspondence, as well. Certainly
      any personal email I send concerning dancing may be forwarded (with the
      same proviso as above).

      There are currently 31 subscribers to the OutlandsDance list. You
      should be able to see the member list from the YahooGroups.com web site
      (you must have a Yahoo sign on, which is free, and you probably have to
      be a member of the list). Many of these do not include names, however,
      so I do not know who they are. I know that Louis-Philip, Franchesca,
      and Klaus have taught dance in Caer Galen, but I do not know if they are
      on this list (I would certainly like to include them).

      I do not know who was teaching at Estrella - I haven't gotten to
      any Estrella classes or dances so far (our last visit included staying
      with my parents in Phoenix - we couldn't stay too late, so our schedule
      was weird). M. Giles may have been there. He taught some advanced
      dances at a Caer Galen Dance Collegium a few years ago. I believe he is
      in CA, though, and I would not describe him as slender, although he does
      dress well. I saw him at Known World Dance this year, but did ot get a
      chance to speak with him. I don't know of any advanced dance
      instructors in the Phoenix area, but there are lots of people I don't
      know, so that doesn't mean a whole lot. If its important, I do have
      some fencing contacts there, and I could ask on the SCA-Dance list.

      The three person dance that we've been propagating is Petit Riens
      (or Petite Vreins or any similar variation - spelling was not
      standardized in period). We have been working to write up all of our
      dances, so I can probably dig up a description without too much trouble.
      This dance seems to have first appeared in the SCA 5 years ago and is
      already known, by good evidence, in every kingdom. I do not have the
      original documentation (so far), but this is supposed to be a French
      dance from a 15th c. Italian source. I understand that it was
      reconstructed by Mistress Rosina (West Kingdom, I think). We have
      another three person dance, but haven't taught it outside of Caerthe yet
      (and it doesn't have skipping steps).

      One of these days I want to set up links on our web page that will
      show you the choreography for each dance, and maybe let you hear a bit
      of the music (which will be tougher).

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>

      > Barbara Krege wrote:
      > [....] I have been asking [for]
      > permission to send on, the information [] sent me as well as future
      > general knowledge e-mails, to the others [...]
      > 1) May I forward this introduction e-mail of yours to the others as
      > well as any future general knowledge e-mail you might send me? I will
      > continue to encourage them to join the court dance discussion list.
      > 2) Who else besides yourself, Arwen and myself are on this discussion
      > list? Does everyone that Arwen and you know, who teaches court
      > dancing in the Outlands, either on the discussion list now or among
      > the 5 I listed above? 3) Do you know the name of the gentleman (and
      > his contact information, especially e-mail) that taught court dancing
      > at Estrella Wars 2 or 3 Wars ago? I don't remember what he looked
      > like, but I BELIEVE he was from Phoenix, and think he had a very
      > slender build, long hair, and dressed very nicely[...] He also seemed
      > to be very knowledgable about court dancing and taught [] a very, very
      > complicated court dance, among others. 4) [] Do you remember the 3
      > person dance that is on your CD [] which you taught us at the last
      > Midwinter?[...]
      > Yours in service, Barbara
    • Robin Monogue
      Greetings! One and all are invited to attend Dragonsspine s monthly dance ball, which will be held this Wednesday, October 24th from 7-9 pm at UCCS. We will as
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 22, 2001

        One and all are invited to attend Dragonsspine's monthly dance ball,
        which will be held this Wednesday, October 24th from 7-9 pm at UCCS.

        We will as usual be on the third floor of the University Center
        building. Go into the main doors of the University center, and head
        to your right, past the soda machines. Take the elevator to the
        third floor, and you'll find us!

        Please wear garb, and bring some munchies to share. If you cannot
        bring food, a donation basket will be available to help cover the
        cost of some food and sodas that we'll bring.

        For those who don't live in the Springs, to get to the University
        from I-25, take the Garden of the Gods exit (#146), and head East.
        Continue on this road for some way (a couple miles???), it will
        change its name to Austin Bluffs Parkway at some point. After you've
        crossed Nevada Blvd, you'll want to turn left into the University.
        For the free parking, turn into the dirt parking lots (I think that
        there is a light at the intersection). There is a shuttle bus that
        runs from these lots. For pay parking (much closer), take the
        driveway that is the 2nd light after Nevada, and park in visitor
        parking. Do not park in student parking without a permit, as you
        will be ticketed.

        We hope to see you there!
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