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  • McClune, Sheila
    ... From: Mary Morman [mailto:memorman@oldcolo.com] Sent: Friday, March 19, 1999 10:40 AM To: Outlands Dance List Subject: [OutlandsDance] intro From: Mary
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      Subject: [OutlandsDance] intro

      From: Mary Morman <memorman@...>

      After that it was once a week whether you need it or not
      for most of the next ten years or so in Atlantia, and then every wednesday
      night in Dragonsspine for the last seven years or so.

      Oh, good, that reminds me of something I wanted to do here, which was to ask
      people to post when and where their dance practices were being held.

      Is Dragonsspine still on Wednesdays, Mistress Elaina? Same place?

      Caerthe (Denver, CO) holds its practice every Thursday at the
      Ross-University Hills Branch Library. We start at 7:00 pm and go until the
      library kicks us out at about 8:50. We start with about 15 minutes of
      warmups, so if you're one of those people who objects to warmups, be warned.

      Also, the first Thursday of every month is a dance discussion group rather
      than a dance practice. (That's because another group has the large meeting
      room at the library on those days, and we're crammed into a much smaller
      room that's mostly full of table.) So far, we've discussed period and SCA
      dance etiquette, and dance sources and the timeline of dances.

      We do mostly English Country and Arbeau branles, though we also regularly do
      pavanes, almans, and Gelosia. And we've done Casuelle once or twice, but I
      need more practice at it before I can teach it really well. We have been
      ending practice with Hole In The Wall the last couple of weeks, sort of as a
      reward if they're good for the rest of the class.

      Next month, I hope to start doing some more of the Italian balli. Wish me

      I'm a dance nazi in some ways and really resent seeing totally non-period
      dances done with the implication that they are period. folk dancing is
      fun - as folk dancing! waltzing ditto. they have no place in the sca.

      I haven't heard anyone call me one to my face, but have a feeling I'm
      getting something of a reputation as a dance nazi, too. Why is it, do you
      suppose, when you try to do something better and more authentically, people
      feel the need to start making unfavorable comparisons?

      I have to agree that folk dancing and contra dancing and square dancing are
      all a lot of fun (haven't done much waltzing, though). However, my personal
      opinion is that if these are the types of dancing you really want to do,
      there are folk dance and contra dance and regency dance groups who do them
      all the time, and that maybe you would have more fun there. I am trying
      very hard to emphasize period dancing in my area.

      Middle Eastern dance (beledi is term created in the Outlands as far as I
      can see...) should be done in the harem, and no where else. Women who do
      Middle Eastern dance in public are obviously prostitutes.

      I have heard the term "beledi" or "beladi" used by mundane dancers to
      describe an older tradition of Middle Eastern dance (as opposed to modern
      "cabaret" dance).

      This type of dancing can be a lot of fun to watch if it's well done. I
      suppose I have less of a problem with it being done, say, around a campfire
      in someone's encampment at Estrella -- if the sultan wants to have his women
      dancing around his campfire, more power to him! But I definitely feel it
      doesn't belong in court!

      Opinionated? How can you say so!


      Oh, no, Mistress Elaina, no one would ever say that you were opinionated!
      (Dang, I just knew I couldn't type that with a straight face!)

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