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98Re: [OutlandsDance] Digest Number 56

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  • Reta Bray
    Dec 28, 2000
      Thank you both for the information. I would love to learn new dances. Arwen you meantioned that you were to travel this way for Sworded? May I at this time offer you and your traveling companions crash space if you so need it.
      I have not been playing long but I long for more info, wanting to learn more all the time. With what dances are done here and how often we practice? Well there is usually dance practice every 3rd thursday of the month (i believe) but I usually have to work. I usually catch up with Lady Barbara early at events that are planning to have dancing and try to help out as much as I can.

      Also before I forget... I would like very much to extend an ivitation to all to an upcoming event. MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT'S DREAM. It is June 22nd -24th (Friday- Sunday) there will be an Equestrian Tourney, a Archery Tourney, and a Rapier Tourney Saturday afternoon. A feast late Sat afternoon and then a Rapier tourney and Heavey Tourney right after night fall. Followed by a wonderful revel with lots of dancing.
      Also I would like to send out a challange to all brewers. for there is a brewer's competions right before feast.

      I must be off for it is well past my bed time.
      Be safe
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