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92Re: [OutlandsDance] RE: Dance question

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  • Sheila McClune
    Dec 28, 2000
      > Hole in the Wall comes to us from late 17th century (1698?) and early
      > 18th century editions of Playford. The music was first published as a
      > Purcell hornpipe in the early to mid 1690's.

      I'm remembering 1694 or 1696.

      > This is a popular Regency dance and is also well known throughout much
      > of the SCA. Note that Hole in the Wall is not period for the SCA, nor is it
      > even a particularly period style. It is an early form of Real, so it is
      > closer to Contra dance than period court dance.

      Actually, it's a "reel". :) This form later evolved into contradance
      -- which in turn became American Square Dance.

      The endless repetition does
      > help occasional dancers to learn it, however, so it remains popular even
      > though it is not inherently an easy dance (I've watched Science Fiction fans
      > try to get the hang of it at convention Regency dances - it's not easy).

      The fact that many dancers in the SCA know it means it's a lot easier to
      help the few who don't get through it.

      We have a fun dance game we do here in Caerthe, called The Pinwheel,
      which your Baron might also enjoy. It's an excerpt from a longer dance,
      but it's easy to learn and teach and it allows kidnapping and all sorts
      of silliness. Maybe we can come down to Sworded Affair and teach it to
      you there?

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