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    Mar 23, 1999
      Hi. My name is Berengaria. I like to dance. I started dancing...well,
      when I was about four, there are a whole bunch of embarrassing photos of
      me after I saw my first ballet and struck "ballet poses" every time
      someone wanted to take a picture of me.

      Formal lessons soon followed. I took ballet, modern and square dance.
      Later various polyglot folk, Tahitian and jazz. I was slow to catch on
      to dancing in the SCA precisely because so much of it did not even *look*
      right for the period at first.

      I started studying, slowly and unsurely at first, some sources; and not
      all of those were primary. It was hard to get primary sources in Oertha,
      which is when I started to get interested.

      I really got into studying and practicing period dance living int he
      central West, where I had the opportunity to attend several practices
      a week. I have a Pied d'Argent and a Silver Rondel (from Lochac) which
      have various requirements for performing dance but no real requirements
      for teaching, etc. I also discovered the joys of Victorian ballroom
      and Regency.

      I haven't done much dance lately just due to a busy schedule.

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