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72Re: Top dances for the Outlands

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  • Mary Morman
    Dec 31, 1999
      not sure if i can come up with 12, but:

      hole in the wall
      sellinger's round
      gathering peascods
      black nag
      single bransle
      double bransle
      burgundian bransle
      horse's bransle
      maltese bransle
      belle qui pavanne
      earl of salisbury's pavanne

      yes, i know that the earl of salisbury is modern and hole in the wall is
      very late.


      On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Swashbuckler wrote:

      > Greetings unto the Outlands Dancing community from Guillaume de Gonzac, part
      > time leader of dance in the fair Barony of Caerthe.
      > A few weeks ago on the SCA-Dance list Lady Ambrosia from Nordskogen
      > asked "which 12 dances should _every_ SCA gentle know?" The context was:
      > > For many (read about 14) years, Northshield has had a Dance event, even
      > > before it was Northshield. Each year as instructors are sought, they are
      > > asked a question which I would pose to the dance community as a whole:
      > >
      > > Which 12 dances should _every_ SCA gentle know?
      > >
      > > Usually, the question is narrowed down to the Middle Kingdom, but for this
      > I
      > > am interested in including the whole SCA.
      > >
      > > I am also curious as to _why_ you would choose those particular dances.
      > I would like to ask what 12 dances do you think every dancer in the
      > Outlands should know and why? After we've seen some of the ideas from other
      > Outlanders, I will post my own list and a summary of the results from the
      > SCA list.
      > Keith / Guillaume
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