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475A&S reminder, reports due and quarltery going out soon

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  • Bianca della Vittoria
    Mar 9, 2014
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      Greeting everyone

      First to the local arts and sciences officers , just a reminder that you reports are due no later than tomorrow the 10th. Make sure you have all three of you reports for the past quarter in. If you did not get a confirmation that means I did not get a report. I know there are groups missing reports. This is your chance to catch up if you are behind. I will be sending the quarterly report early on the 15th to society.

      You should for this quarter have in Jan (Dec report), Feb (Jan report) and March (Feb report) reports to go into my quarterly.

      Aarquelle-no reports received for quarter.
      al-Barran- up to date
      Blackwater Keep-up to date
      Blaiddwyn- no reports. I believe this is vacant but if not...
      Bryngolau- only have your January report, Feb is due tomorrow, no Dec.
      Caer Galen-up to date
      Caerthe- up to date except for report due tomorrow.
      Citadel- up to date except for report due tomorrow
      Dragonsspine- up to date except for report due tomorrow
      Drygestan- up to date except for report due tomorrow
      Fontaine- Have Dec report, need Jan report, Feb report due tomorrow
      Gleann Medonach-up to date 
      Hawks Hollow- up to date except for report due tomorrow
      Unser hafen-up to date except for report due tomorrow
      Villaleon-up to date
      Windkeep-no reports received for quarter

      I now also have a Northern and Southern deputy, starting next month if you are a Northern group you will cc. your report to the Northern deputy as well.  Southern groups will cc. the Southern deputy. I am going to verify what email they would like to use and then I will post the information so you know who to include when you send your reports.  The Northern deputy will be Mistress Aldyth and the Southern deputy will be THL Isabella, more information coming soon.