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46Dancing at Caerthen Twelfth Night

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  • McClune, Sheila
    Sep 15, 1999
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      Hi, folks!

      Just thought I'd let you know that we worked on the schedule for Caerthen
      Twelfth Night last night, and it looks like there'll be two one-hour periods
      set aside for dance. Plus, there is the possibility of some open time in
      the evening, if court should happen to end early (yeah, well, we can hope,
      can't we?). [For those of you who haven't heard, Investiture of the next
      Baron and Baroness of Caerthe will take place at Twelfth Night, so the
      schedule is pretty crowded, but we still think we can wedge in a little

      Anyway, Lord Guillaume de Gonzac will be coordinating the dancing, and would
      like to limit dances to 1st ed. Playford or earlier. He will be contacting
      various dance instructors in this part of the kingdom to help teach/lead
      dancing, but if anyone knows of anyone who might be interested in helping
      out, please post it here and I will forward the information to him (due to
      an e-mail glitch, he's not currently on this list but will be back very

      Also, if anyone knows of anyone who ought to be on this list and isn't,
      please forward their e-mail address to me (with their permission, of
      course!), and I will send them an invitation to join. Or people can join
      without being invited, actually, just by following this link to the OneList
      web site:


      or by sending a message to


      Happy dancing!
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