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44New Features!

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  • McClune, Sheila
    Sep 8, 1999
      Just wanted to let you know that I've added a couple of new features which
      you are all welcome to use.

      To access these features, go to

      The first is a calendar. I have added Caerthen Dance Practices to the
      calendar, with an automatic reminder that will be sent to all members a day
      before each practice (if this gets too obnoxious, let me know and I can turn
      it off!).

      The second is a file. There is now a folder named "Dance Practice
      Directions", and under that, a file called "Caerthe.txt" that contains
      directions to our dance practice sites.

      Please add information for any other practices in the Outlands -- it would
      be nice to be able to support each others' practices wherever possible.

      Also -- I'd be interested to hear what kinds of dances are being done at the
      various practices. In Caerthe, we have recently begun teaching some of the
      easy Italian dances, such as Petit Riens and Anello, and have also added
      several of the Old Measures to our repertoire. We also regularly do a
      selection of English Country Dances (first edition Playford), bransles from
      Arbeau, and miscellaneous pavans. Our plans for the future are to
      reconstruct Rostiboli from period sources, and to learn a basse dance

      Our plan is to have dancing at Caerthen Twelfth Night this year. I will try
      to post a list of the dances that will be done so folks can practice.

      If you know anyone who should be on this list who is not, please invite them
      to join. They may do so by sending an e-mail to:

      Happy dancing!