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432looking for authors & reviewers FW: Letter of Dance

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  • Krege, Barbara B
    Oct 8, 2009
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      looking for authors & reviewers FW: Letter of Dance

       I hope some of you are interested in  this. 

      Jayne, dance instructor in al-Barran

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      Subject: Letter of Dance

      Greetings from Elisa, editor of the Letter of Dance, and Gregory, her minion and Laurel!
      We are trying to re-invigorate the Letter of Dance. We're hoping to find someone in each kingdom to facilitate finding authors and reviewers of Letter of Dance articles. You don't need to be a dance expert to be a facilitator -- you just need to be plugged in to the dance community of your kingdom. The workload will probably amount to only a couple of emails per week, after an initial flurry of activity.
      For authors, we're looking to identify people who are actively doing reconstructions, or other stuff which would make good articles. Or perhaps someone who has already written an article published in a local or Kingdom newsletter.
      For reviewers, we're looking for people who are well-read and well-studied in one or more of the main genres of dance. Some of the reviewers will also be potential authors. Reviewers don't need to be uber-experts already -- reviewing can be a great way to learn.
      Are you interested in being the facilitator for your kingdom? If not, can you suggest someone else?

      You can check out the existing website at:

      Many thanks!