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422Kingdom A&S/Queen's Prize Event Info

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  • Barbara Krege
    Feb 25, 2009
      Kingdom A&S/Queen's Prize Event Info

      Greetings to all court dancers and musicians in the Outlands from Jayne Barber (al-Barran)

      Below is the announcement about the Kingdom A&S and Kingdom Queen's Prize event that will be held on Sat. April 11 in al-Barran (Albuquerque, NM).   I have also included a one page word processed document that is a copy of the event annoucement below.

      In the past, both Kingdom A&S and Queen's Prize had performance categories, which included court dance.  Many years ago, I had a group of six enter Queen's Prize, where we performed Whirligig.

      For Kingdom A&S, per the Kingdom A&S website the performance categories are: 
      V. Performing Arts
      1.      Dramatic Reading
      2.      Poetry
      3.      Prose
      4.      Instrumental Music
      5.      Vocal Music
      6.      Dance – court, ethnic, etc.
      7.      Miscellaneous Performances

      For Queen's Prize, no categories are listed.  However, the info on Queen's Prize, states that it welcomes all levels of artisans in all categories.

      So if you would like to perform in either competition and need a partner, individuals to fill out the places in your set, or help with dances or music, please contact me at krege@....


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      Kingdom A & S and Queen's Prize Event  Announcement
      Hosted by the Barony of  al-Barran
      Saturday, April 11, 2009
      Site Opens at 8:30 am and Closes at 5  pm
      Autocrat:  Lady Kimberly Blackwood (Kimberly Graham)  (505) 872-2994 email:
      Kingdom A&S Contact: M. Tana a l'Esprit Fort (Tana  Rebar) (505) 265-3142
      email: artsandsciences@...
      Queen's  Prize Contact: THLady Emery de Futton (Kimberly Butler) email:
      Crash Space Coordinator: Baron Christopher Blackwood  (Chris Graham) (505)
      872-2994 email: ChrisGraham01@...
      Radisson Hotel, 2500 Carlisle Boulevard NE, Albuquerque NM  87110
      Site Fees: Adult $8 (17+), Child $3 (10-16), Children  under 10 Free
      Non-member surcharge $3
      Please make checks payable to "SCA Inc. -  al-Barran"
      No pets; Site is Dry
      Website: http://kmoas.outlands.org/

      Calling all  Artists and Scientists to the Kingdom A&S Event in 2009, hosted
      by the  Barony of al-Barran on Saturday, April 11, 2009.  Since this is
      holiday  weekend for some, Their Royal Majesties wish to make this a day event only.
       By combining two separate events into one, Kingdom Competition and Queen's 
      Prize, this event makes a wonderful opportunity for all artisans to compete
      and  or display their craft.  There will be no  feast for this event to allow
      people travel time but there is a restaurant  on-site where participants will be
      able to grab a bite to eat along with many  other restaurants near-by/walking
      distance.  Pre-Registration will be required for both  Kingdom A&S and Queen'
      s Prize by Sunday, March 29th by  midnight. Rules for Kingdom A & S (subject
      to change) can be found along  with the list of division & categories and
      pre-registration forms on the  Kingdom A & S web page   http://kmoas.outlands.org
      The Kingdom competition and Queen's  Prize will each have their own registration tables at the event in addition to  gate. 

      Directions to  Site: From I-25 - Merge onto I-40 via Exit 226A toward Santa
      Rosa.  Take the CARLISLE BLVD Exit  160, Turn LEFT onto CARLISLE BLVD  NE pass
      over I-40 and take a right into Radison Hotel  Parking Lot, 2500 Carlisle Blvd
       NE.  Hotel waterslide may still be under  construction.

      Kingdom A&S  Competition
          *   Research  Papers must be completed and emailed to the Kingdom
      Minister of Arts and  Sciences by the competition pre-registration deadline.
          *   Entries  must be on site and checked in by 9:00 am and ready to be
      judged by 10:00  am. 
          *   This year  only, entrant does NOT need  to be present to enter, but
      is highly encouraged. 
          *   For all those who are  entering Kingdom A&S competition for the very
      first time will be required  to have a sponsor.  
          *   The sponsor must have  participated or judged the Kingdom A&S
      Competition in the past.  The  sponsor will be required to guide the entrant by
      providing information about  the entry itself and pros and cons of competing. 
      Further guidelines will  be introduced at a later date. 
          *   Documentation is  required. 
          *   Entries must be at a  completed state.

      If you have any questions, about the event please  contact M. Tana a l'Esprit Fort, Kingdom A&S Officer.  
      Further  information this event and Kingdom A&S Competition Rules will be
      coming  soon.  If you have any questions, about the event please contact M. Tana a  l'Esprit Fort, Kingdom A&S Officer. 

      Queen's  Prize
      Queen's Prize  Tourney is a mentoring and learning opportunity for artisans
      in the  Outlands.  All categories are welcome and all levels of skill are 
      encouraged to enter.   

      Entrant's  Duties
          *   Must be sponsored by a  Master or Mistress of the Laurel, Lady of the
      Rose or Flower of the  Outlands
          *   Minimal Documentation is  required
          *   Entrant does NOT need to  be present to enter
          *   Entrant is REQUIRED to  enjoy the learning and creative process

      Sponsor's Duties
          *   Aid the  entrant in getting their project completed and assisting
      with  documentation
          *   Ensure  that the entry is set up at the site if the entrant cannot 
          *   Bring a  nice gift ("prize") for an entrant.  One gift per number of
      person(s) you  sponsor, you will be gifting to someone you have not sponsored.
          *   Be  available at some point throughout the day to admire the entries
      and provide  feedback to the artisans.
          *   Be  available at some point throughout the day to admire the entries
      and provide  feedback to the artisans.

      -As this is  not a competition, you will NOT be judging.  Commentary sheets
      will be  available to share thoughts and idea, but assigned commentary will not
      be  provided.  If you have  any questions, about Queen's Prize please contact
      THLady Emery de  Futton
      -In order to  enter into the Kingdom A & S Competition - being held on April
      11, 2009 -  please fill out the form below or access the proper forms on the
      Kingdom A &  S web page:  http://kmoas.outlands.org
      and send to artsandsciences@...

      Artisan SCA Name:
      Artisan Modern Name:
      Artisan E-mail Address:
      Artisan Phone Number:
      Artisan Membership #:
      _Division   (http://kmoas.outlands.org/
      _Category (if  Known)   (http://kmoas.outlands.org/ 
      Item Being Entered:
      Item description:
      Additional space needed or special needs for  entry?:
      Are you entering for overall Kingdom A & S champion?:
      Is this the first time entering Kingdom A&S  Competition?:
      If Yes, Name and contact information of your  sponsor:

      In order to  enter into Queen's Prize Tourney - being held on April 11, 2009
      please fill  out the form below or access the proper forms on the Kingdom A
      & S web  page:   http://kmoas.outlands.org   and
      send to   artsandsciences@....
      The deadline for registration is Sunday, March 29, 2009  by midnight.

      Artisan SCA Name:
      Artisan Modern Name:
      Artisan E-mail Address:
      Artisan Phone Number:
      Sponsor's SCA Name:
      Sponsor's Modern Name:
      Sponsor's E-mail Address:
      Sponsor's Phone Number:
      Project being entered:
      How much display space is needed?:

      Good  Luck!
      In order to  register to be a Judge for the Kingdom A & S Competition - being
      held on  April 11, 2009 - please fill out the form below or access the proper
      forms on  the Kingdom A & S web page:   http://kmoas.outlands.org and send to   artsandsciences@...

      SCA Name (include title and Order):
      Modern  Name:
      E-mail Address:
      Phone Number:
      List of Categories/Subject(s)  you're qualified to judge:
      Number of times have you judged a Kingdom A&S  competition?: