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410Court Dancing--Citadel Baronial Investiture, 3/29

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  • Barbara Krege
    Mar 13, 2008
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      Court Dancing--Citadel Baronial Investiture, 3/29

      Greetings to all Court Dancers of the Outlands,

      Citadel court dancers have been holding court dance practices, so that there can be some fun court dancing at the Citadel of the Southern Pass Baronial Investiture of Lord Nikolaus and Lady Aine. 

      Lady Aine has invited all to join in their "peril" and below is a list of the court dances they have planned.

      So if you are going to their Baronial Investiture, we hope you will join them for some "peril".

      Anyone needing a brushup on the dances, please call your local court dance instructor,  or in al-Barran, please call me at 293-7453 for a private lesson or attend Lady Dovey's Blaiddwyn practice.  The next Blaiddwyn practice should be Monday, March 17 at UNM, Student Union Building, top floor, 7-9pm.

      In service to the Dream,
      Lady Jayne Barber


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      From: Valerie Hearn [mailto:valeria_gazelle@...]
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      To: Barbara Krege

      Lady Jayne,
        I hope you and the other many fine dancers can make it down to the Citadel for Investiture the day before your re-scheduled practice.  We will be taking time for European court dance (generally referred to in Citadel as "peril") at the event. 
        Ballo del Fiore
        Hole in the Wall
        Petit Reins
        Gathering Peascods
        Heralds in Love
        Quen Quer Que
        Heart's Ease
        Other possible dances:
        Amoroso, Circle Waltz, Korabushka, Maltese Bransle, Official Bransle, Trenchmore, and just about anything for which we have music and someone to lead.
        We hope to see all of you there for some fun and "peril" = )
        Lady Aine