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406Estrella Grand Ball info & music online

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  • Barbara Krege
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Estrella Grand Ball info & music online

      Greetings to all Court Dancers and Musicians in the Outlands,

      There will be a Grand Ball (court dance ball) on Friday evening, Feb. 15 in the Grand Court Pavilion.

      For musicians wishing to play at this ball, there is sheet music available on-line and a schedule of the Estrella War Ball music practices at       http://members.cox.net/stephanie.reiley/

      The dances planned for the Grand Ball are also available at the above url, however, no dance instructions have yet been posted at this website. 

      In the past, most dances were also reviewed/taught before each dance was danced at the Grand Ball.

      There is usually court dancing Saturday and Sunday evenings and court dance classes during the day as well.

      In service,
      Lady Jayne Barber


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      Please feel free to forward as you will, especially to other Kingdom lists.

      Greetings to the musicians and dancers of the Known World!  Estrella War
      XXIV Grand Ball will take place on Friday evening, 02/15/08, in the Grand
      Court Pavilion.  The sheet music for the Estrella
      Grand Ball is now online at the following address:

      Note that opportunites to practice will be available on site.  Open
      practices for musicians interested in playing at the Ball are scheduled 10
      AM - 12 PM in the Grand Court Pavilion on Thursday and Friday. There will
      also be a Dress Rehearsal Thursday evening 5PM to 7PM.  Print outs of the
      dance music will also be available on site.

      For more information about the event go to http://estrellawar.org/