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392Class descriptions, al-Barran A&S Collegium

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  • Barbara Krege
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Class descriptions, al-Barran A&S Collegium

      Greetings to the Artisans and Scientists of the Outlands!

      We hope that you will join us on November 18th in Albuquerque, NM for the al-Barran Arts and Sciences Collegium, which also supports Toys for Tots.   There will be many A&S classes taught by many of our great Artisans.  

      Attached and also below is the confirmed list of  collegium classes and class descriptions as of November 3rd.    More classes will be posted after this weekend at our event website at    http://al-barran.org/dayofas06

      Please pass this A&S collegium information on classes on to your friends and your discussion lists.

      We hope to see you at our A&S Collegium!

      Lady Jayne Barber
      Autocrat, al-Barran A&S Collegium


      al-Barran A&S Collegium Classes  (as of 11/3/06)

      Scribal Arts
      Even You Can Draw Vines and Acanthus Leaves, 101
      Lady Elanor Dreamweaver
      This class is good for beginners and will show you how to draw basic vines and leaves for illumination and other applications.
      Please bring a pencil. Paper will be provided. Class limit  none   Ages 12 & up.   Class Fee $1.00.    One hour class

      Scrolls That Fit -- Personalizing Award Scrolls
      Llywus ap Alan Arglwydd
      We will cover resources and methods to make that award scroll fit the recipients’ persona, from the basics of finding the person's Arms to the more complex of researching special texts and appropriate styles.  There will be handouts.  No class limit, no age limit, no class fee.  One hour class.

      Metal Foil Gold Leaf  
      Lady Brighid Og inghean Neill
      A hands on class about a cheap and easy alternative to gold leaf.   No class limit, no age limit, no class fee.  One hour class.  Instructor will supply all the materials necessary.  One hour class.

      Your First Scroll
      Lord Michael M'Quilline
      We will lay the groundwork for completing your first scroll.  No class limit, no age limit, no class fee.  Bring whatever scribal materials that you possess.  One hour class.

      Planning, Layout and Styles of Scrolls
      Mistress Maria Sol de Leon
      Considerations in planning, layout and choosing a style for a scroll.  Please bring Paper, pencil, pen and ruler.   Some materials will be on hand.   Everyone is welcome.  No class fee.   One hour class.


      Cooking  and  Food
      Introduction to Redacting Period Recipes
      The Honorable Dona Theresa Cabeza de Vaca
      Introduction to redacting and creating recipes from primary sources.  Class Limit: No limit   (Handouts limited to 10 copies)   
      Ages 14 & up    No class fee     One hour class.

      Siege Cooking, or How I fooled the Invading Army into Leaving.
      Lady Thalauriana de Collier
      An instructional discussion class on what is siege cooking and what might you expect.  Bring your ideas.  Ages 12 and up.  One hour.


      Needle Arts
      Period Embroidery   
      THL Diana of Llanberris
      This class is for beginners to advanced needle-crafters.  Class handout includes a bit of history, humor and a listing of stitches through our time period.  Take home the project you start in class.  All supplies are provided but donations are accepted to defray the cost of supplies, if you wish.     Maximum of 10 students, older teenagers and adults.    A one hour class.

      Metal Thread Embroidery   
      THLady Diana of Llanberris
      Learn the history of and how to do metal thread embroidery!!  You will need at least basic embroidery skills.  Take home the project you do in class.  All supplies are provided but donations are accepted to defray cost of supplies, if you wish.    Maximum of 10 students, older teenagers and adults.    A two hour class.

      Bone Needles    
      Master Tómas Tearloch Fraser
      A hands-on class on methods used to make bone needles.  Covers materials, tools, needle designs & projects.  Need moderate-good hand working skills.  Class fee of $1.   Max of 6, 12 years & up (sharp tools).


      Fiber Arts
      Weaving (Inkle, Card, Needle, Heddled looms)
      Baroness Monika the Fair
      General history and technique.  Students' Choice for specifics. Please bring looms for show and tell (or questions if you have them), experience and ideas for sharing. Everyone is welcome, no age limit.  No general fee.  Baroness Monika will have needles for needle weaving that can be purchased if needle weaving if desired.   A one hour class.

      Two Colored Lucet Cord
      Baroness Monika the Fair
      Instruction for making 2 colored Lucet cord.  Everyone, age 8 and up is welcome.  No class size limit if student already has a lucet of their own.  Class size of students without lucets depends on number of available lucets (pending).  Bring your lucets if you have one, yarn in your choice of colors (smooth works best.)    No cost unless you desire to purchase a lucet.  The cost of the lucets vary (if they arrive, I am still awaiting the order).   A one hour class.


      Jewelry and Decorations
      Simple Bead  Weaving
      Lady Thalauriana de Collier
      Simple peyote bead weave.  Class limit 6 people, ages 12 and up.  No class fee.  One hour class.

      Hand Wrapped Tassels with Bead Cages
      Lady Elanor Dreamweaver
      This class will take you step by step through the process of making a decorative tassel, wrapped with colored thread and with a bead suspended in the center cage. These tassels can be used for favors, dance belts and other decorations. Class limit 10 students, ages 12 and up.   Fee $5.00 covers all supplies needed for the construction of one tassel.   One hour class.


      Costuming and Accessories
      Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod
      Transforming your really cool costume into a great looking one just by knowing how to fit correctly. Part of the sewing series, we will focus on fitting your costumes. We will talk about what makes a good fit, do a sample fit and fit your costumes to you. Bring paper and a piece of clothing that you would like to have fitted.  Everyone welcome, no minimum age.  No class fee.  A one hour class.

      All Things Sewing
      Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod
      Go on a fact finding mission to discover more information about all things sewing from hand sewing techniques to historical information. Tap into over 40 years of  experience and get your questions answered. If I don't know the answer on the spot, I will find the information for you.  Let me know what you want to learn and I will make a class in the future.  Please bring note taking materials.  Everyone welcome, no minimum age.  No class fee.  A one hour class.

      Overview of Turkish, Near Eastern, and Persian Women's Court Apparel
      MistressToragana Al'altun, OL.  (M. Allison Greene-Wall, student of Kizlarhon Dustmuhamedova, the People's Dancer of the Uzbek Republic and guest performer with the Silk Road Dance Company at the Uzbek Embassy in Washington, D.C., 2002.)
      This class will be a broad overview of Turkish, Near Eastern, and Persian Women's court styled costume and accessories from 1300s-1600s.   This class is perfect for all costumers and Near Eastern dancers a like.   The class will include a lecture, discussion, hands-on with books, accessory and costume examples.   No class fee, minimum age or maximum # of students.   Handouts will be provided.    One hour class.

      How to Tie a Turban 101
      Sheik Omar
      Turbans are one of the most common types of head covering in period.  They were found from England to the Middle and Far
      East.  Tying them so they look good and stay put can be a challenge.  Shiek Omar has been tying for over 25 years and has learned a few tricks.  This class will cover two different types of turbans and 5 different ways of tying them.   Everyone is welcome.  Please bring a length of lightweight fabric (gauze is ideal) at least 1.5 yards long.  I will have some extra turbans available.  No class fee.  A one hour class.


      Heraldic Display: My Device Has Passed, Now what do I Do?
      Llywus ap Alan Arglwydd
      The class will cover different types of heraldic display used within the SCA. We'll cover the most common types of banners and flags of the Middle Ages and how to use them. We'll also discuss other ways to display heraldy, such as on clothing or articles. Many examples will be presented. A good class if you want to make a proper period War Banner for your household or unit at Estrella.   There will be handouts.  No class limit, no age limit, no class fee.  One hour class.

      Court Heraldry Made Easy and Done Right   
      Master Adam Stedefast
      Class will focus on preparation, organization, protocol and vocalics required for being an outstanding Court Herald.   Students will have a chance to practice and receive a handout.    Everyone is welcome!  No class fee.  A one hour class.

      Vocal Production for Court and Field:  It isn't just for Heralds
      Sheik Omar
      Learn the secrets of being heard without ruining your voice, for Heralds, Bards, Barons, Baronesses, Crowned Heads of State and anyone else who has to talk before a group.  Everyone is welcome.  No fee.  A one hour class.

      Performing  Arts
      Introduction to Middle Eastern Dancing
      Lady Saeloman of Erlinstar
      An introduction to the history and basic movements involved in both historical and modern middle eastern dancing.  Please dress comfortably.   Maximum of 30 students, ages 12 and up.  No class fee.    A two hour class.

      Court Dancing 101
      Lord Canus Dragonsblood
      Common populace court dances will be taught.   Everyone is welcome, ages 7 and up.  No class fee.  A one hour class


      Other A&S Classes
      Runes, Rune Forms and Basic Stone Carving
      THLord Bjorn in gauzki
      We will look at 11 separate Rune forms and do basic stone carving.  A two hour class with carving in the second hour.   Class fee of $5 for stone sample and scratch awl.   Max of 20 students, adults only.   

      Getting Published in the SCA
      Sheik Omar
      This is a research class, which will review where to get published in the SCA and how to send articles, art, or ideas to the editors of various SCA publications.   Everyone is welcome.  No class fee.   A one hour class.


      Youth Classes
      The Lady who Conquered Chile
      Lady Gweneth Sastre
      A historical storytelling dramatized with puppets, telling the true adventures of Ines de Suarez, the Spanish lady who helped conquer Chile in the 1520's.   For everyone, ages 6 and up.   No class fee.  A 45 minute class.