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381new source for dance music--Magnatune

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  • Barbara Krege
    Jan 30, 2006
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      new source for dance music--Magnatune

      Greetings from Lady Jayne Barber.

      I am forwarding this information from a posting to the SCA-dance discussion list about 3 new sites for dance music.

      I hope you have a lovely day.

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      Subject: [SCA-Dance] New source for some dance music.


      I've been lately looking through a site called magnatune which has a
      couple hundred albums for *full* preview.  (entire album/songs, not
      just snippets)

      there are several albums which have dance music.

      I havn't listened to them enough to determine how many are suitable,
      and a couple are for styles with which i am unfamiliar.

      #11 is a reasonable Salterello La Regina
      Check it out... if folks find something that would be good for dance,
      pass it along!

      OT: they have a pretty good world section in general... with a heavy
      middle eastern influence. There is a neat version of ma navu, but it's
      not danceable as recorded.

      N.B. of late, the stream has been a bit choppy... make sure you use
      something that can buffer a bit ahead if you don't want the frustration
      of getting into the groove and having the song cut in and out.

      May no harm befall you,