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37411/19 A&S Event Info--RE:Supplies for A&S Classes

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  • Barbara Krege
    Nov 11, 2005
      11/19 A&S Event Info--RE:Supplies for A&S Classes

      Thank you Pendar for reminding everyone that some of the A&S classes at the al-Barran Arts & Sciences Collegium in Albuquerque on Saturday, November 19, have supplies and other items that the teachers would like you to bring with you to the class.  In some classes, materials will be supplied by the instructors.

      Some classes also have a class fee that you will need to pay directly to the Instructor at the time of your class.

      About a third of the 47 classes also have a maximum # of students for the class and advance sign-up sheets for those classes will be available on a separate table at the gate starting at 8am.  Gate opens at 8am.

      For full details of the event, please visit our website at   http://al-Barran.org/dayofas05/

      On our event website, you will find:
      *General event information
      *Event Schedule and Schedule of the Classes by Specialties
      *Full descriptions of each of the classes, including items and materials you need to bring to your class, class fees if any, maximum # of students (if any), minimum age (for youth) who want to take classes, etc.
      *A wonderful "printable" schedule chart of the classes that Lady Melody created, which shows each of the 47 classes in an 8 1/2 x 11" excel type spread sheet, by class hours and room #.  This allows you to quickly see and compare which classes are going on at any given hour and in each of the 9 classrooms.  (This schedule will also be available at the gate)

      I will be sending out later today, the event announcement with an abbreviated description of each of the 47 classes (which will include class fees if any, materials students need to bring to the event, etc.

      I hope that you will be able to attend this wonderful opportunity to learn from many Artisans and Scientists from throughout the Outlands at Monte Vista Christian Church at 3501 Campus Blvd on the 19th, 8am to 10pm.
      There will also be a Donations Lunch, many A&S displays by our Artisans & Scientists in the A&S Display Room, a Desserts Competition (no documentation required, so please bring a dessert to enter and share), opportunities for you to have Heraldry Consultations with THLord Pendar the Bard throughout the day in the Main Hall, Youth Activities 10 to noon and 1-5pm and a Court Dance Ball from 7-9:30pm.

      Please remember that if you are bringing a A&S display and wish to have in-depth commentary on your display and projects, you must contact Lady Emer Fitton by tomorrow, Saturday, 11/12 at  kbutler@...   so that she can find experts in your fields.  

      If you wish to volunteer to help with this event in any capacity (including  setup at 7am) or you have 6 to 8 foot folding tables you would like to lend us for the event, please contact me at krege@....   Feel free to forward this email to your friends and other discussion lists that you belong to.

      Please come join us on the 19th for an amazing day of learning, laughter and fun!

      Yours in service,
      Lady Jayne Barber
      Autocrat of  "A Day of A&S"

      (formerly Lady Barbara)
      505-293-7453 home


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      Subject: [al-Barran] Supplies for A&S Classes

      Some of the classes at Baronial A&S look like they may need supplies for the
      students. Will the teachers be supplying these? Will there be a fee for
      them? Will we need to bring our own?

      For example; do we need to bring beads for the circlet beading class? Wire
      for the wire weaving class? Etc..