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358Requesting information on how you are organized

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  • Odelia Banks
    Sep 18, 2005
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      My name is Kathryn Serrano. I am a member of the dance troupe
      Terpsichory. We perform 15th and 16th Century Italian, English
      Country, and Irish. We have been in existence since 1998 and dance
      out at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and the Siouxland
      Renaissance Faire. I joined your online group to learn more about
      how other dance groups are organized and run.

      I would appreciate it if your director or some of the members could
      help me out by letting me know the following information:

      1. Are you a group of friends who dance for the fun of it and
      occasionally do public performances? Or are you strictly a
      historical group? Or are you a performance group with a focus on the
      entertainment of the audience?

      2. Do you have any spoken lines or scripts in your shows? If so,
      how are the performance pieces evolved and the parts chosen?

      3. How often do you practice and for how long at each session?

      4. Are there people in charge of different aspects in the group? Do
      you have a director, and a teacher for Italian, another for English,
      perhaps someone to help with garb/clothing, etc? Are there stations
      or titles for these people, and how are they decided? By vote?

      5. How serious is the dedication in your group? Is there a contract
      or some written agreement, or is it more of a "show up and join us
      whenever you feel like it"?

      6. Do you have a handbook or set of rules you follow from year to
      year? Is there an infrastructure to the group so that it could run
      itself, no matter how new the leader is? What is the structure
      like? Do you have regulations the group follows? How do you make
      plans for the future? How are major changes made?

      7. Is there anything else you feel is important to the smooth
      running of your group that I should know? Any advice for keeping a
      group together?

      I am grateful for any help you can offer. If you would like to, you
      can respond to these questions in an email to me katriniac@...
      (or katriniac @ yahoo . com in case the post cuts off the rest of
      the email address) or call me at 320-253-5494 after 6pm Central
      Time. We appreciate any and all information you can give us. All
      information will be kept confidential and will be used only to aide
      us in creating a better dance group. Thank you very much!

      Kathryn Serrano
      "Lady Odelia Banks" of Terpsichory Dance Troupe

      P.S. Feel free to check out our page on the MN Renaissance Festival
      (it has not yet been updated to include my new married name, so I am
      still listed as Kathryn Northenscold)
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