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355on-line (II Ballarino translation)

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  • Barbara Krege
    Aug 12 5:37 AM
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      on-line (II Ballarino translation)

      Thank you Mistress Rhianwen very much.

      Dancers, here is an on-line II Ballarino translation that Mistress Rhianwen
      let us know about.

      Yours in service,
      Lady Barbara

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      From: Linda [mailto:lkrecker107@...]
      Sent: Thu 8/11/2005 8:37 PM
      To: Barbara Krege
      Subject: RE: I've been meaning...(II Ballarino translation)

      Yes. i was informed that it is there for the use and study of the
      SCA. Please request of the others that any corrections and
      suggestions be send to the lady.


      >Dear Rhianwen,
      >Thank you so very much for this information.  Do I have your
      >permission to send this information to the court dance experts
      >in Caerthe, THL Guillaume and Mistress Arwen?
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      >From: Linda [<mailto:lkrecker107@...>mailto:lkrecker107@...]
      >Sent: Mon 8/1/2005 8:34 AM
      >To: Barbara Krege
      >Subject: I've been meaning...
      >to send you these posts. I have permission from her Laurel to give
      >you the information.
      >From: Jane & Mark Waks <waks@...>
      >Okay, time for a little boast; I don't do this often, but I'm really
      >tickled. My apprentice Clara has just finished a first-draft
      >translation of Il Ballarino, one of the most important period dance
      >sources and one that has never been completely translated to English.
      >It can be found at:
      >This is Clara's first real step into the "big pond" -- she's been
      >active on a local level for over a decade, but is just starting to
      >get involved on the larger scale now. Given how she's starting out, I
      >think she's going to go far...
      >                                 -- Justin
      >>Is it permitted to tell others about this site? Because if it is, I know
      >>some dance teachers in the area who will be _most_ interested.
      >Please do. Now that the first draft is done (after a good 18 months
      >of work on her part), it's time to spread the word and get
      >commentary. She's planning on doing a more polished second draft over
      >the next year, so she's actively looking for people to dig into it
      >and give her feedback. The Carolingian Accademia della Danza has been
      >using this translation for the past year; now that it's webbed, we
      >can make it more generally available.