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354Seeking information of Artisans and Scientists

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  • Barbara Krege
    Jul 1, 2005
      Seeking information from Outlands Artisans and Scientists
      Kingdom Arts and Sciences Website Project

      Greetings to the artisans and scientists of the Outlands.  I am delighted to announce that the Outlands Arts and Sciences website is being expanded this summer.   One of our plans is to include the names of individuals from the Outlands, who teach the various arts and sciences.  We are planning to group the arts and sciences under the current Outlands A&S categories of Visual Art, Fiber Art, Domestic Arts & Sciences, Performing Arts, Letters (original) and Functional Art, and then by specialties (eg. Black Work, Armoring, Metal Thread Embroidery, Court Dancing, etc.).

      If you wish to be listed as a teacher of an art or science or that you are willing to share your knowledge with others, please email Lady Jayne Barber (formerly Lady Barbara) at  artsdeputysouth@....  As the A&S website expansion information coordinator for this project, I need the following information from each of our artisans and scientists, who wish to be listed:
      *Your A&S Specialty(s)  (eg. Black Work, Armoring, Court Dancing)
      *Your SCA Name  & Title
      *SCA Group
      *Contact Information (optional) (email address, phone # & area code)
      *Classes you are willing to teach (by A&S specialty)
      *Whether you are willing to travel to teach an A&S class
      *Your favorite websites and discussion lists (by A&S specialty)
      *Your favorite resources (by A&S specialty)

      Please note, if you don't want your contact information put on the website, that is okay, just let me know.  However, in order to continually update this information, please send me your email address or other contact information for our files.  We would also love to hear any other ideas that you would like to see on the Outlands A&S website.  Please feel free to forward this request to other Outlands discussion lists and your friends or put in your local SCA publication.

      Yours in service to the dream
      Lady Jayne Barber
      Outlands A&S Southern Deputy