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  • Cherisa Geeslin
    Mar 26, 2005
      Calm yourself. We are not auctioning off Master Adam, rather, he is the
      auctioneer for our fundraising effort at Coronation for Their Majesties travelling fund. In joint effort to raise the spirits and generosity of this glorious Kingdom, we are sending to all the lists this cry for help!! THL Ilana and myself want to hold a silent auction at Coronation and we need YOUR help!!! Items, items, and more items. This Kingdom is reknown for its A&S capabilities. Let them shine, bring forth your items of donation and let us all, together, show just what the Outlands can do when we work together!!! Let's make this an auction to remember!!! Shipping will be reimbursed if neccessary and since this is a joint effort, items can be sent either to THL Ilana or myself; which ever is closest and more convenient. My email is aedhagan@... and THL Ilana's is
      Please, email us and let us know what gracious gifts you will be bestowing in support of our new Majesties travel fund.

      In Service and Loyalty to the Dream,

      Lady Aedhagan of Min An Aoire

      P.S. I sincerely apologize for those of you who will be receiving this same email more than once. It is not my desire to irritate anyone with this effort. Thank you for your understanding!

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