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339Court Dancing: at Blaiddwyn's Winter Wolf, Estrella & al-Barran dance practices

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  • Barbara Krege
    Jan 26, 2005
      Court Dancing: at Blaiddwyn's Winter Wolf, Estrella & al-Barran dance practices

      There will be four hours of court dance classes at Blaiddwyn’s Winter Wolf Event on Saturday, 2/5 at UNM.  Thanks to Renee, we have had a great indoor site during the winter for court dance practices, which is also very close to fighter practice park.  We are meeting at the Monte Vista Christian Church at 3501 Campus Blvd NE., 12:30-2:30pm on Sunday, February 27.  To get to the church, go south on Carlisle south of Lomas to Grand (Grand is 2 blocks north of Central).  Turn right (west) onto Grand and go 2 blocks to the church.  We will then return to al-Barran fighter practice park, Battan Park on the NW corner of Carlisle &
      Lomas, for court dance practices on Sundays, March 13 & 20 from 12:30-2:30pm.

      At Estrella War on Friday night starting at approximately  7pm, there will be The Estrella War Grand  Ball with court dancing to live music in the Grand Court Pavilion.  We will be teaching the dances for this Ball during the 4 hours of court dance classes at Blaiddwyn’s Winter Wolf on Saturday, February 5.  The sheet music for the ball dances and links to
       dance instructions for each of the dance are also available at the following website:  http://home.comcast.net/~stephanie.maynard/    This website is an excellent opportunity to add to your dance music and dance instruction library. There will also be court dancing & musicians practice for Friday night’s EW Grand Ball on Thursday evening starting at 7pm in the A&S Pavilion.   Also on the EW schedule is a Celtic & Country Dance Ball at 6pm on Sunday evening in the A&S Pavilion.  There may also be informal court dancing on Saturday evening after Grand Court in the Grand Court Pavilion.

      Several court dance classes are scheduled at Estrella War:  2-3pm an English Country dance class on Friday (GCP), 2:30-4pm an Italian court dance class on Saturday (A&SP) and a Scottish & English Country court dance class 10am-2pm on Sunday (GCP). These classes will take place in either the Grand Court Pavillion (GCP) or the A&S Pavillion (A&SP). There is also a full track of middle Eastern dance & drumming classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and lots of singing  classes and singing practice with the Known World Choir, which will give a concert on Sunday 3-5pm.  Please see the A&S class schedule at   http://www.estrellawar.org/classschedule.html   or the A&S class descriptions site at   http://www.estrellawar.org/classdesc.html   or the Estrella War special events site at  http://www.estrellawar.org/special events.html  for further details.   

      If you want to know more about dance practices, you can join  the al-Barran Musicians and Court Dancers discussion list,  or  contact Lady Barbara at krege@... or home 293-7453.  The discussion list will give you the latest information concerning court dancing practices and Scorpion Scales music practices in al-Barran.  Just go to www.groups.yahoo.com  and search for alBarranMusic_Dance to join this free discussion list.

      Yours in service to the dream,
      Lady Barbara, a court dance instructor