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324court dancing RE: al-Barran A&S (ll/20) (& Outlands Coronation, 11/13)

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  • Barbara Krege
    Nov 1, 2004
      court dancing RE: al-Barran A&S (ll/20) (& Outlands Coronation, 11/13)

      Dear Guillaume and Outlands Dancers,

      Thank you for asking Guillaume, because I realized that there was other important information I had not yet gotten out to the public and especially dancers.

      At Coronation, Saturday 11/13, at the College of Blaiddwyn, Univ. of NM in al-Barran
          (Albuquerque), after morning court, there will be some informal court dancing
          and teaching for a couple of hours in preparation for the 10 court dances by the  
          populace as part of the evening's entertainment after the feast and evening court.

      At the A&S Collegium, Sat. 11/20, the two hours (potentially three hours) of court dance  
          instruction will cover the same 10 dances that will be danced by the populace at   
          Coronation, plus some others.

      Our wonderful musicians group, Scorpion Scales will play the first set of the court
          dancing at Coronation, Sat. 11/13 (after the evening court and the evening feast)
          and at the A&S Ball, Sat. 11/20 evening beginning at 7pm.  The five dances they
          will play for are:

          Scorpion Scales (Coronation during populace dancing/Entertainment, 11/13, and A&S  
             Ball, 11/20):
             Gathering Peascods
             Horses Bransle (with second repeat on the chorus)
             Official Bransle (one lift each time & repeat all--not 2 preps & lifts in a row)
             al-Barran Pavan (music is to Carolingian Pavan, but it is a local SCA dance)
                 (SL & SR forward, Rev to partner.   DL forward, and Rev. away.  In a 360
                 degree circle by yourself away from partner, S, S, Double, take Rt. hands
                 and then exchange places with partner with S, S, Double & men adjust &
                 both face down the hall).  Dance is then repeated in the opposite direction,
                  except 2nd time, they take Left hands, and females adjust to end facing up the
                 hall.  Third & last time, take right hands, men adjust to end up facing
                 down the hall.  All reverance.

           2nd Set to cd music (Coronation during populace dancing/Entertainment, 11/13, and A&S  
              Ball, 11/20):
              Hole in the Wall
              Circle Waltz
              Angus Reel
              Petit Riens
              and one more dance to be determined from Maltese Bransle (SCA version),
                   Ballo del Fiore, Pin Wheel, Amoroso or Quen Quer Que

           Addition dance sets (A&S Ball, Sat. 11/20, al-Barran) will include the above
              dances and maybe a few others.

      The dances chosen were based on our musicians' repetoire, and the dances most known
      by the dancers in al-Barran and nearby.

      Dancers, please email me  your preferences for the dances for the 2nd set (at coronation)
      and subsequent sets (for the A&S ball, 11/20).

      Arwen and Guillaume, are you still coming to Coronation, 11/13?

      Yours in service,
      Lady Barbara


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      From: Keith McClune [mailto:swashbuckler@...]
      Sent: Mon 11/1/2004 11:49 AM
      To: OutlandsDance@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [OutlandsDance] al-Barran A&S (ll/20)

      Hi there:

      > Barbara Krege wrote:
      > Performing Arts Track  (These classes will take place in the Conference Room)
      > 3-4pm, Court Dancing, Lady Isabella (Learn the dances for tonight's court
      > dance ball)
      > 4-5pm, Court Dancing, Lord Canus (Learn the dances for tonight's court dance
      > ball)

      Do you have a list of the Ball dances?  Inquiring minds want to know (even if I
      can't be there).

      Keith / Guillaume   S:}>
      Caerthen Dancemaster

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