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282Photos from H & S this weekend.

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  • Nancy Douglas
    Mar 29, 2004
      Photos from H & S this weekend.

      If you have a minute, check out these photos from my Webshots photo
      album! Excuse the cross posting to those who belong to all the same
      elists as I do.

      I have tried posting the particular album links from webshots, but it
      won't let me do that. I am not sure if it is an anti-spam filter from
      yahoo or webshots, but when you try to put in an address like al-
      barran @ yahoogroups.com in the webshots mailer, it balks. I would
      have to individually mail each of you, and I doubt most of you want
      to see these photos.

      Instead, go to http://community.webshots.com/user/squidgete8 and link
      on " heralds and scribes 2004 " or " SCA H & S 2004 food " You can
      ignore the personal photos, photos from my school, and locked albums.

      The photos in the two listed albums were all taken this weekend at
      Heralds and Scribes. I wanted to get the wide variety of garb shown
      during the day and lots of the dancing at the ball. I also tried to
      get all the lovely silent auction items. Most of these didn't have
      the right lighting.

      The only thing that isn't at least somewhat blurry is the shots of
      the wonderful food spread. Unfortunately, I took so many photos that
      at least one person decided NOT to photograph the lunch spread.

      Which is TOO bad, the food was so lovely it deserves a far better
      camera than mine to take pictures. (Especially all the heraldic

      My little ixla camera takes terrible pictures (but it was a cheap
      digital, so you get what you pay for!) Most of the photos, and all
      the ones at the dance came out so muddy and dark you can only tell
      who people are if you can identify the clothing.

      And no, this does not include the one embarrassing picture that was
      taken in the park on Sunday. I have that one as wallpaper. he he he