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26Re: Encouraging Period Dance

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  • Eric
    May 21, 1999
      This sounds like the theory I use for mundane dancing. I only dance at
      weddings, because my friends have probably seen me make a fool of myself
      before, and the people I don't know, I'll probably never see again.
      All of the ideas for encouraging more dancing sound good. I would suggest
      one more, and that is that some of the more experienced dancers ask relatively
      new or inexperienced dancers to dance. It is easy to get into the habit of
      dancing with certain people, especially spouses or signficant others. But if
      you dance with a less experienced person, and help them get through the dance,
      especially if you can try to make them look good in the process, it will
      encourage them to dance more.
      I think that the two biggest things are, making sure that there are
      opportunities to dance at events, and teaching period dances on a regular
      basis so that people know that they are fun.
      For those who don't get CA, the latest issue covers period dance. I haven't
      had a chance to read it yet, but I thought people would like to know.
      Eric Edmundsson
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