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250We need you help spreading the word about al-Barran Nov. 1, Collegiums & Ball !! Please!! Lady Barbara

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  • Barbara Krege
    Oct 29, 2003
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      al-Barranians and Outlanders, I just found out that due to technical difficulties, the October al-Barran Shaft will not be published, and therefore, I really need your help in spreading the word to your friends and SCA lists (and/or reminding them) about this Saturday's Court Dancing and Musicians Collegium and Ball, in al-Barran (Albuquerque, NM).

      Please forward the following information to at least one other person and to each of the Outlands lists.  We are trying to especially help each Shire, Canton, College and Barony, that does not yet have a court dancing teacher or musicians group get started by giving them private dance lessons, CDs of court dance music, a court dance instruction booklet, and our wonderful  source (website) for sheet music for these same dances (see below).  For those who have children, we have a 12 hour Children's Activity Room from 10am to 10pm.

      Please contact your friends, your students, cadets, squires, households, special interest groups, and your lists (archery, bardic, seneschals, peers, rapier, heavy fighting, shire, canton, barony, sewing, arts & sciences, heraldry, performance arts, etc.) and everyone, who has ever told you "I can't dance, I have two left feet" (because we have a caiergen that can fix that).

      Bless you.  Thank you very much.
      Yours in service to the dream,
      Lady Barbara, Autocrat


      al-Barran Court Dancing and Musicians Collegium and Ball
      Barony of al-Barran
      St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 1500 Chelwood Park Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM
      November 1, A.S. XXXVIII (2003), Site opens 10:00 am; closes 10:00 pm
      Court Dance Classes, Dance Music Classes, Potluck Feast, Children’s Room, Court Dance Ball
      Themes:  “Come as You are Not” and “Donate a Toy for Toys-for-Tots”

      Come one and all to al-Barran’s Court Dancing and Musicians Collegium and Ball.  Come refresh your memory on court dances you know and learn new ones, including court dances that are being danced inner-kingdom,  so that as you travel around the Outlands, you will know the dances at our various balls.  There will be a full day of court dance classes from 10 am to 5 pm with a break for lunch on your own.  Lemonade and tea will be provided throughout the day.  We will have two informal dance tracks--one for the  beginner dancers and a concurrent one for the intermediate dancers.  I am delighted to announce that Mistress Arwen & THL Guillaume of Caerthe will be teaching at our Dancing Collegium.  From 3 to 5 pm we will also be teaching “inner-kingdom” court dances, which are court dances that are currently being taught in the various Outlands’ baronies and shires and danced at their events, for those who play on the kingdom level and wish to dance at out-of-town events in the Outlands.  For those of you wishing to teach court dancing in your shires and baronies, Lady Barbara has created a booklet of dance instruction and a set of court dance music tapes for these dances, to give to you.
      Musicians from our al-Barran Musicians group will be meeting with other musicians from 1 to 5 pm to share music, information, etc.  They have a great collection of court dance sheet music collected by Lady Lin Shiao Mei (shiao_mei@..., 505-934-3952),  which you can download from her website at  http://mywebpages.comcast.net/shiao_mei/crtdance.pdf    and are encouraged to print and bring with you to this event.   This collection of dance music is based on the dances in Lady Barbara’s dance instruction booklet.

      We will be having a potluck feast prior to the Ball from 5:15 to 6:15 pm with our Barony donating  a meat dish, bread, butter, tea and lemonade.  There will be lots of dancing of old and new court dances at our Court Dance Ball from 6:30 to approximately 9:30 pm.  We are excited to have our al-Barran Court Dance Musicians playing for part of the ball.  Our theme for the ball is “Come as You are Not” which  means you  dress in period garb, but in a way that you don’t usually dress for your persona.  Masks are welcome, but not necessary.  We also encourage you to bring a new, unwrapped toy (value of $5.00 or more) to donate to our barony’s donation to Toys-for-Tots.  Anyone bringing a toy can deduct $2.00 from their gate fee.  For our non-dancers, there will be gaming tables for those who wish to play period board games throughout the day.  There will also be a supervised children’s room from 10 am to 10 pm with activities for the children.  We ask that parents donate 2 hours of their time during the day in the room for each of their children who participate and bring a few of their children’s favorite toys.   Gate fees are $4 for members and $7 for non-members.   The fee for children and teens, ages 6 to 17, is $3 each, and children age 5 and under are free.  There is a family cap of $20.  Please make your checks payable to “SCA al-Barran.”  Please note, this is a dry site, so no alcohol is allowed at the site.

      Reservations are not required.  Please contact Anuradha  at sillygirl07@... or 505-681-1276 if you need crash space.   No pets please.  For further information, see the Collegium link on the al-Barran web site,  http:\\www.al-barran.org .     For emergencies, a cell phone will be at the site to receive messages, 505-379-1181.  Directions:  From the West on I-40 take the 7th exit (Tramway) after passing through the I-25 interchange and turn left onto Tramway (from the East on I-40, take the 1st Albuquerque exit and turn right onto Tramway).  On Tramway, go north about 1.3 miles to the light at Lomas and turn left onto Lomas.   Go .5 miles to the light at Chelwood Park Blvd. and turn right.  Take Chelwood Park Blvd. about .6 mile to the church, which will be on your right at 1500 Chelwood Park Blvd.   Autocrat:  Lady Barbara (Barbara Krege), 12612 Morrow Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, 505-293-7453, krege@...  and Deputy Autocrats:  Lady  Melody Shaw and
      Lord Y  Port Lairge (Susan and Chris Hurlbert),  505-265-0161, Lockgen1@...

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