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247Re: [OutlandsDance] I am looking for origins of two dances--please help. Lady Barbara, al-Barran, Outlands

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  • Keith McClune
    Oct 20, 2003
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      Hi there:

      Just back from KWAR/KWCS, and doing a little catching up ...

      Barbara Krege wrote:
      > > I am looking for the origins of two dances--
      > 1) Dargason

      1st edition Playford, 1651. This is an unusual dance, and, as Playford's
      descriptions are more like shorthand notes, the are several SCA reconstructions
      that seem to fit the original description, but are very different in
      appearance. In Caerthe we use a reconstruction from the barony of Carolingia
      (East Kingdom) from about 22-23 years ago (I was there - and Mike Bergman may
      have been, too).

      > 2) Circle Waltz

      This seems to be a 20th century choreography, but may go back into the late
      1800's. I do not know this dance, so I can't tell which Circle Waltz it is.

      > I also would like to find sheet music for "Well Hall".

      Sixth edition Playford, 1679. A facsimile of the original music is on the web
      page "The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium" at
      http://www.izaak.unh.edu/nhltmd/indexes/dancingmaster/ - this resource has a
      shorthand comparison of every dance as it appeared in each edition of the
      Dancing Master, so it is an excellent resource for identifying when a given
      dance first appeared in Playford, and whether a given dance changed over time.
      Some dances, for instance, appear in almost every edition - but after the eigth
      or tenth edition, the dance and music are completely different and only the name
      is the same. At least a couple of dances have corrections in the second or
      third edition.

      I do not have a modern arrangement of music for this dance. Perhaps somebody
      else on this list?

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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