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239Successful Debut Weekend!

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  • Lady Lin Shiao Mei
    Oct 6, 2003
      Greetings all!

      I just wanted to thank all my wonderful musicians for an overwhelming
      successful debut this weekend. I had such an incredible time, and without
      you, it wouldn't have happened at all! I'd also like to thank the autocrats of St.
      Golias Feast Day, and of the Esperanza Tournament for the opportunity.

      For those who didn't attend, we played at St. Golias Feast Day this past
      Saturday (Oct. 4), for the after-feast court dancing. Most of the feasters
      stayed to dance, with instruction from the gracious Lady Barbara.

      The music was provided by THL Asha, who plays the flute and the dumbek
      (sp?), Lyneya del Filde, who plays the clarinet, Lady Melody Shaw, who
      plays the recorder and tin whistle, Lindsey, who plays the guitar, and
      directed by myself (Lin Shiao Mei), on the violin.

      We played the al-Barranian Pavane (Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie), Hole-in-the-
      Wall (have the rest of you gotten that tune out of your head yet???), the
      Official Bransle (Toss the Duchess), Gathering Peascods (the Male-Bonding
      song), the Maltese Bransle, and Quen Quer Que.

      Then, as if one event was not enough, we hurried back to al-Barran on
      Sunday (Oct. 5) to play at the park for the Esperanza Tournament. After
      playing for the performing court dancers for a while, Baroness Fermina
      requested attendees to join her in the list field to dance to Gathering
      Peascods. The circle of dancers filled the list field! I must say, that I really
      like the effect of the armour clanking added to the male-bonding!

      As can be expected, we are all happy, but exhausted, so our next practice
      will not be until Sunday, October 12, at noon (Fighter Practice Park).
      Huzzah everyone!

      In Service,
      Lady Lin Shiao Mei of Ali Shan
      Kindred Crafters, Barony of al-Barran & College of St. Golias
      Kingdom of the Outlands