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234Re: [OutlandsDance] learning more

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  • Keith McClune
    Sep 23, 2003
      Hi there:

      > Julee' Merrill Csuri wrote:

      > I'm thinking that my middle aged Lady of the Middle Ages at a courtly
      > feast, could do a casual, (perhaps serene or elegant) couple dance with her 11
      > year old daughter or her "eligible" niece as a way to train the young one to
      > the experience or expose the eligible one to the court and the court to her
      > availability.

      This is a wonderful alternative. While I know of no reference to
      mother-daughter type partnering, there are plenty of references to two women
      dancing together. There is, for instance, a passage in Castiglione's "Book of
      the Courtier" where two of the ladies dance together (at the command of the
      Duchess, I think) even though there are men present. Castiglione is discussing
      the nature of a Perfect Courtier in the context of what he considers the most
      nearly perfect court of the time, so this is clearly considered normal and
      proper behavior.

      Of course you don't train the young ones at events - one hires a dance master
      for private lessons.

      Keith / Guillaume (dancemaster) S:}>
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