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  • Julee' Merrill Csuri
    Sep 23, 2003
          Now that I've absorbed a bit of Keith's knowledge and suggestions...  (Thanks, Keith)
          I'm thinking that my middle aged Lady of the Middle Ages at a courtly feast, could do a casual, (perhaps serene or elegant) couple dance with her 11 year old daughter or her "eligible" niece as a way to train the young one to the experience or expose the eligible one to the court and the court to her availability. We will not have an appropriate male for a partner.
          Our male is a jester & musician, both older and shorter than the ladies. But he is one heck of an accompanist & friend!
          Sometime in November will be the feast.
          What think Ye?
      Thanks for any and all ideas, both accurate in historic details and those out of the box.
      with deep reverence and sincerity
          and a great love of joy & fun
              YMHS    Julee'
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