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207Known World Dance and Music Symposium (KWDMS) IV update

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  • Keith McClune
    May 28, 2003
      Hi there:

      Just a quick reminder that the date KWDMS IV is rapidly approaching. Arwen
      and I are going. Is anyone else? If somebody needs a ride from the Denver
      area, we might be able to give you a lift (we are on a tight schedule, however,
      leaving Thursday early am and returning Monday pm).

      Below are a couple of event updates (note that Yvonne Kendall is the
      translator of Negri).

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>

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      [Less than] 2 weeks until the Fourth Known World Dance & Music Symposium!

      Friday, June 6th thru Sunday, June 8th.

      The Symposium will be held in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, hosted by the
      College of Threebridges. Mundanely, the University of Texas at Arlington, in
      Arlington, Texas.

      Come and join us for three days of dance classes and balls. Follow in the
      footsteps of Negri, Arbeau, Playford and other choreographers or improve
      your skills with the Middle-Eastern dancers. Come and participate in the joy
      and merriment amidst lovely music and spirited dancers.

      For more information please visit the website:

      For questions, contact the event steward, Philip White:

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      Subject: [SCA-Dance] Yvonne Kendall at KWDMS IV
      Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 20:44:17 -0500
      To: SCA Dance <sca-dance@...>

      Hey everyone:

      Yvonne Kendall will be teaching at KWDMS. On Friday, she is teaching a
      class on Basse Dance. Saturday, she will talk with musicians/dancers
      on working with dance music resources, and then she will teach the
      following class: "Reconstructing 16th-century dance: pains and

      I am currently re-working the schedule to fit her in. The final
      schedule should be posted to the website in the next few days.


      Lady Isabeau Lallement/ Mrs. Erika Kinder