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203mundane dragon insights

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  • Morris Schaefer
    Apr 22 11:53 PM
      Greetings to the lists,

      I am sorry if you receive multiple copies of this inquiry, but inquiring
      minds want to know!

      My old dragon of many years has bad belly ache and I have begun the search
      to replace it. I am currently looking at relativly new, used small trucks,
      namely Ford Rangers or Mazda pickups with the 4x4 options. I mostly have
      been interested in 5 speed but have great line and deal on an automatic and
      am unfamiliar with how they hold up. If anyone has insights in thier
      experiences they would kindly share with me, a past Toyota user, I would
      welcome that response privatly. I know there are lots of you out there, I
      see many of this specie of dragon at events.

      Thank you for your input, these dragons do not come cheap, even slightly

      Sean MacLeod of Skye

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