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174Re: Dances everyone should know

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  • skmcclune <smcclune@earthlink.net>
    Jan 17, 2003
      --- In OutlandsDance@yahoogroups.com, Keith McClune
      <swashbuckler@c...> wrote:
      > Hi there:
      > A couple of years ago, somebody posted a question to the SCA-
      Dance list
      > asking for everyone's list of "top twelve dances everyone should
      know." <snip>
      > This is not meant to be an exclusive list, but a basic list. More
      dances are
      > better, but, the thought goes, wouldn't it be nice if everyone had
      a common
      > ground of 12 dances they could do anywhere.
      > My current list (for today, anyway) is:
      > Petit Vriens 15th C Italian
      > Geolosia 15th C Italian
      > Black Alman 16th C English
      > Villanella 16th C Italian
      > Carolingian (Belle Qui) Pavane 16th C French like
      > Galliarde 16th C Pan-European
      > Branle Charlotte* 16th C French
      > Branle Des Pois 16th C French
      > Branle d'Escosse 16th C French
      > Rufty Tufty 17th C English
      > Gathering Peascods 17th C English
      > Black Nag 17th C English

      Not to surprisingly, I guess, my list is pretty much the same. The
      only substitution I might make it to put in Ballo del Fiore as
      the "token" 16th C. Italian dance, since I know they've done it in al-
      Barran, and we've done it here in Caerthe, and that gives us a base
      of people who know it.

      > Do you see any advantage to a list of "twelve
      > dances everyone in the Outlands should know?"

      Funny you should ask ... the question of "what dance tunes musicians
      should know" recently came up on Outlands Bardic. Now, if the
      musicians' list and the dancers' list could be one and the same ...
      whenever we got together, we could all dance!

      I think there would be a lot of advantages to having at least a few
      dances that are taught everywhere in the kingdom. It'd make dancing
      a lot more likely to happen, for starters.

      So how could we get such a list going, and spread it to all the dance
      teachers in the Outlands? Isn't Unser Hafen Dance coming up soon?
      Would this be a good time/place to meet to talk about it, at least
      with the folks that can make it there?

      Arwen Southernwood
      Barony of Caerthe, Outlands
      (Denver, CO)
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