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173Dances everyone should know

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  • Keith McClune
    Jan 15, 2003
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      Hi there:

      A couple of years ago, somebody posted a question to the SCA-Dance list
      asking for everyone's list of "top twelve dances everyone should know." This is
      apparently a standard question for the dance instructors at each year's
      Northshield Dance Seminar (Barony of Jararvellir). I recently came across their
      list from last year:

      Petit Vriens 15th C Italian
      Bizzaria d'Amore 16th C Italian
      Carolingian (Belle Qui) Pavane 16th C French
      Galliarde 16th C Pan-European
      Montarde Branle 16th C French
      Horses Branle 16th C French
      Scottish Branle 16th C French
      Black Alman 16th C English
      Sellinger's Round 17th C English
      Black Nag 17th C English
      Jenny Pluck Pears 17th C English
      Picking of Sticks 17th C English

      This is not meant to be an exclusive list, but a basic list. More dances are
      better, but, the thought goes, wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a common
      ground of 12 dances they could do anywhere. They do change the list every
      year. (Gee, if you learned each year's list, eventually you'd know a lot of
      dances - do you suppose they've thought of this?)

      Anyway, this got me to thinking what I would choose. I would go for a variety
      of basic dance styles, on the theory that once you know one, its easier to learn
      more. This is very useful when traveling (say, to Estrella).

      My current list (for today, anyway) is:

      Petit Vriens 15th C Italian
      Geolosia 15th C Italian
      Black Alman 16th C English
      Villanella 16th C Italian
      Carolingian (Belle Qui) Pavane 16th C French like
      Galliarde 16th C Pan-European
      Branle Charlotte* 16th C French
      Branle Des Pois 16th C French
      Branle d'Escosse 16th C French
      Rufty Tufty 17th C English
      Gathering Peascods 17th C English
      Black Nag 17th C English

      *if allowed to cheat, I'd make this the Suitte de Champagne: Branles Cassandra,
      Pinnagay, Charlotte, de la Guerre, and Aridan.

      What would you put on your list? Do you see any advantage to a list of "twelve
      dances everyone in the Outlands should know?"

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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