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17Dance Practices

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  • McClune, Sheila
    Apr 1 8:23 AM
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      Looks like we've got a couple of new people on the list today -- when you
      get a chance (and only if you feel like it), please send us a brief intro,
      including where you're from and what the dancing is like in your area.

      Also, I'd like for folks to post notices of dance practices all over the
      Outlands (and beyond, if you'd like!). I know that I am within an
      hour-and-a-half drive of two other baronies and one large shire, all of
      which have, or at least used to have, dance practices. I'd love going to
      other folks' dance practices once in a while, if I knew when and where they
      were held.

      So ... Dance practice in the Barony of Caerthe is held every Thursday, from
      7:00-9:00 pm, at the Ross-University Hills Branch Library. The first
      Thursday of every month is dance discussion night, for a very logical and
      practical reason -- the library has two rooms that can be reserved, one that
      is big enough to dance in, and one that is much smaller and has a big table
      in the middle of it. Guess which room we have for the first Thursday every

      Anyway, this being the first Thursday of the month, in addition to being the
      first day of the month, we'll be discussing tonight. My proposed topic is
      "How can we get more dancing done at events, and how do we encourage people
      to do more period dances?"

      These are also topics I would like to discuss here -- any thoughts, anyone?