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165Caerthen Dance Practice

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  • Keith McClune
    Oct 30, 2002
      Hi there:

      This is just an update to let everyone know that we will *NOT* hold dance
      practice tomorrow (Halloween).

      The web page did show us at the library, but we canceled to let folk spend
      time at home with their little monsters (and superheroes and Martha Stewarts
      (1)). The web page has been updated, but I wanted to spread the word in case
      anybody made plans before the update.

      We will have practices the first three Thursdays of November (skipping
      Thanksgiving, Nov. 28).

      (1) I have heard the "Martha Stewart" is this year's best selling/most popular
      Halloween costume.

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>

      "Aserejé ja de jé de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva
      Majavi an de bugui an de buididipi" - Las Ketchup
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