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155Dance Happenings in the Outlands

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  • skmcclune
    Jul 30, 2002
      This list has been pretty quiet for a while ... just thought I'd see
      if anyone was still subscribed to it ...

      For those who missed it, we had a great Caroso Dance Workshop here in
      Caerthe (Denver) last month. We learned half a dozen really fun
      Italian dances during the day, and a couple more easy ones in the
      evening. We also had great musicians (including a couple of guests
      from Early Music Colorado and a lord who drove down from Nordskogen
      (Twin Cities), just to play music for us), and scrumptious food (Lady
      Aethelind outdid herself, really!). We can't wait to do it again!
      (Only next time, we'll make sure to have a site with air

      In return for the visit the Early Music Colorado folks paid us,
      Guillaume and I attended one of their events -- an evening of dance
      and music. Their teacher taught dances from Arbeau -- mainly branles,
      but we also did a pavan and a galliard.

      As far as upcoming dance events, there really isn't anything on the
      near horizon. For those lucky enough to be going to Pennsic, there
      will be a wide range of classes, plus a couple of balls, and lots of
      dancing in the barn in the evenings. Make sure you check out the
      dance floor -- we danced on it last year, and it was really nice!

      For any Caerthens on the list, the Baronial A&S competition for
      culinary/performing arts is coming up in September. There is a
      category for dance ... who knows? Maybe someone will even enter it
      this year!

      Caerthen Dance Practice continues, every Thursday evening (location
      varies -- check our link from the Caerthen web page at
      www.sca-caerthe.org), from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. For those who missed the
      Caroso workshop, we are making a special effort to teach at least one
      of these dances at each practice, so we'll remember how to do them.
      We also have our usual selection of period dances, from ~1450 - ~1650.
      And the library where we hold our practices *is* air conditioned

      So ... does anyone else have any dance-related news? Are any other
      regular practices happening? Anybody working on learning any new