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152Call for Submissions

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  • Letter of Dance
    May 20 5:02 PM
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      Greetings Fellow Dancers of the Knowne World,

      It's that time again...

      I would like to take this opportunity to once again
      solicit submissions of new dances, dance
      reconstructions, or any article related to medieval,
      renaissance, or SCA dance or dance music. Basically,
      if it would interest you (and you're reading this
      missive) it would probably interest our readers.

      I am aiming to publish issue 42 on July 1st, which
      means I need submissions on or before (preferrably
      before) June 15th. Articles submitted after June 15th
      will be considered for the November Issue.

      Editorial guidelines area available at:

      Back issues are online at:

      I'm happy to answer any questions, please feel free to
      contact me at letterofdance@....

      Subscriptions and back issues are, of course, still

      I now return you to your regularly scheduled dance

      Katherine Mercer
      Editor, The Letter of Dance

      Katherine Mercer,
      Editor of The Letter of Dance

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